• Life Lessons Learned While Showing Animals

    DSC_0136People always ask me if I was raised in a barn, and the answer always and forever will be yes. Being in the show barn has been a big part of my life for over 11 years. And, not only have I loved it, but it has taught me more life lessons than I could have learned any other way.

    Raising cattle has taught me responsibility. Every morning I had to be up at the crack of dawn to feed the cattle before school. After school, we would come home and work with our cattle. We always knew that the cattle came first; they got fed before we did and air conditioning in the heat before we did. Cattle were the number one priority, and our friends soon began to understand that our cattle were our life.

    DSC_0160You may be wondering who the “we” is that I am referring to. It is my whole family but mainly my three younger siblings and I. Probably the most important thing that showing cattle has taught me is the importance of family. We may fuss and fight, but, in the end, we know family is all we have. We work hard together to get the chores done. The best vacations we have are the ones spent at livestock shows. Especially during the roadtrip, we have lots of bonding time with six DSC_0138people in one vehicle for a very long drive. I know I wouldn’t be were I am today if it weren’t for for my family. They helped me when I was gone for events, and they even still take care of my cattle while I am at college.

    I have learned how to handle money. I have learned how to communicate with animals and people. I am constantly talking to industry professionals and making connections for the future. Everyday I am so thankful for all the experiences I have had and what I have learned from the livestock industry. I wouldn’t be were I am today if it weren’t for the cattle I have raised and the family I have.

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