Lisa Moreno Is Truly A Message Of Hope!

Today, Lisa and Lupe are all smiles!

Today, Lisa and Lupe are all smiles!

It’s been 10 years of trying, crying, and hoping, with no results….until eight weeks ago and today, Lisa Moreno is nothing but smiles, full of thanksgiving because she is going have a BABY! What a wonderful story she has allowed me to print today.

“I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome when I was 20 years old, and from that point, I knew that it was going to be very difficult for me to conceive.”

Lisa’s chances of having a baby were made even less likely because she was overweight, about fifty pounds overweight at that time, but she and hubby, Lupe, desperately wanted children, several children.

Like so many, weight became a real struggle for Lisa.

Like so many, weight became a real struggle for Lisa.

After four years, lots of expense from trying various methods to conceive, lots of emotions, and a lot of stress on the marriage because of everything mentioned, Lisa began to struggle with a depression that came each month with the negative reading on the pregnancy test.

“Luckily, Lupe’s and my relationship is very strong, and we made it work.”

And then the miscarriage happened…but before that…Comanche’s Ruth Tippie happened, strange though that might sound; however, Lisa gives Ruth the credit for the pregnancy that resulted in the miscarriage although it is hard for me to explain since I know nothing about parasailing. (And yes, at this point in our interview, I was as confused as you are right now!)  :)

It seems that friends were out for a good time, with parasailing part of the action. Lisa was on shore, getting ready to go up, and Ruth was supposed to make sure that she went airborne with no problem. Somehow, there was an accident, and Lisa ended up face down on the shore, a splat that actually knocked her out for a bit.

LISA MORENO 1It sounds horrible, but according to the doctor who announced the miscarriage two months later, the impact must have burst all of the cysts in her body, allowing her to ovulate properly for the first time. Lisa didn’t even have time to process the fact that the long awaited baby was on its way when she and Lupe had to deal with the loss of that baby.

“It was devastating, but I was also excited because for the first time, I knew that having a baby might just be a possibility!”

This was in September of 2003 and in October of 2004, baby daughter, Mercedes, was born. Of course, the happy couple planned for more children, and with the dream of eventually having four children still very much alive, time passed.

And then Lupe was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2008.

“I knew that our chances of having more children were slim anyway, and then what chances we did have were cut in half with that diagnosis.”

Lisa And Mercedes

A MUCH Slimmer Lisa With Mercedes

Again time passed, ten years, in fact, from the birth of Mercedes, and the couple pretty well gave up on having another biological child. Of course, adoption was a thought.

“In 2009, we were approached about adopting a baby. We went through the proper channels, and we were given a baby boy.”

However, after a long battle, Lupe and Lisa were forced to hand their eighteen-month-old son to his biological father’s grandparents. Another blow, and it was a hard one.

“That was another tough time. It was very hard on our daughter, and depression set in again for me. That’s when I really began to gain my weight. In fact, I was only ounces away from being 300 pounds before I decided that I had to do something.

“I had watched Shannan’s [Burch] progress and researched what she had done, and I did the same. I went to Mexico for the surgery [the sleeve] because my insurance would not cover it. Here, the cost of the surgery is about $12,000.00 in cash. In Mexico, it is only $4,200.00, which can be paid out there…but it does have to be paid out before the surgery is actually performed. I had the same surgery, the same meds, etc. as I would have had in this country.”

Lisa had her surgery on August 11, 2015 and as of today, she has lost 105 pounds!

I chose the sleeve, not the bypass or the band, because I felt that it was the best option for me. It does make me eat smaller portions, but I don’t have the malabsorption problems like people do with the bypass.

“For about the first six months, I was never hungry because the part of the stomach that is “sleeved off” is the part where the hormone gherlin (hormone that makes you feel hungry) is located. I just had to remember to eat. After about six months, I began to feel hunger pains again, but I get full very quickly. I eat protein first, vegetables next, and other things after that.

“When I started losing weight, my periods became regular, and I was able to get off of the meds I was taking for that, and I began to hope again. It was not my main focus, but I was hoping. Then, in February of this year, my OB told me that she thought I just might be able to try to have another baby.”

And as they say, the rest is history. Lisa, Lupe, and Mercedes will be bringing home a long overdue bundle in time for Christmas this year. December 10 is the due date, and needless to say, they can’t wait!

She's planning to be a great big sister!

She’s planning to be a great big sister!

“I’ve looked back on my photos, and I was SO BIG. Everything we do in this society focuses on food, and that just causes so many problems. I’m so thankful that I was able to have the surgery, and HERE WE ARE expecting a baby!”

And then, Lisa shared quietly with me.

“We were just baptized right before I found out I was expecting. All in God’s timing.”

And here in mortal time, Lisa Moreno is the mother of a very, very active 5th grader, she works in the hospital pharmacy, and is a LVN who is back in school to get her BS in nursing. She also is not worried about the weight that she will need to gain in order to deliver a healthy baby.

“This time, I know that I will lose it again. Besides, the baby takes first place over weight loss at the moment,” she smiled. “Life is good, and I feel truly blessed.”

And I hope you have enjoyed reading her story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. What a message of hope it is for those of you who are having or know someone who is having some of these same struggles!

Just Beautiful!

Just Beautiful!

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