• Local Groups Support Holiday ‘Small Business Saturday’ Campaign

    The Dublin Economic Development Corporation, the Dublin Chamber of Commerce and The Dublin Citizen are joining a national effort which encourages local residents to shop at home during the holiday season.

    Supporting a fledgling nationwide movement, the local organizations are encouraging shoppers to participate in “Small Business Saturday” on Nov. 24, which is the Saturday wedged between the season’s two major shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    It’s never been more important, say local community leaders, to “shop local, eat local, spend local and enjoy local to support the businesses and services which support the area where we live, work and play.”

    “The tight economy has really hurt many small retailers,” said Karen Wright, DEDC executive director. “And it is so unfortunate when products which are purchased out of town could have been purchased right here at home instead.”

    There are many legitimate reasons for shopping at home first, Wright said, including stimulation of the local economy, service after the sale, competitive pricing, and fuel savings. Supporting local business keeps local people employed and keeps sales tax at home where it can be reinvested in the community.

    “Keep in mind, too, that local businesses are more likely to be the ones which support the local non-profits and charities, the school students, the civic clubs, the booster clubs, etc.,” Wright said. “And besides that, you just may matter more to the local businesses than you do to an impersonal big box stores in other towns.”

    The hope of the EDC, Chamber and The Dublin Citizen is that shoppers, before they leave town, will stop and ask themselves, “Is it available locally?” And if it isn’t, perhaps it is worth asking the retailer if it can be ordered. Many times it can!

    Small Business Saturday was started three years ago by American Express to encourage consumers to shop in locally owned, non-chain stores in response to what the company says is businesses’ most pressing need: more customers.

    American Express spokesmen say locally-owned businesses reinvest in the local economy at a 60 percent higher rate than chains and Internet retailers so the Small Business Saturday initiative will also help revitalize economies.

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