A Love Letter From Erath to Comanche County

Our thank you goes out to Missy Jones of Comanche, Texas for sharing this letter from Erath County, Texas to Comanche County, Texas. The letter itself was written almost 112 years ago on March 19, 1900.  I would be very interested in knowing if Elmer Weidner is related to the Weidners that we know here in Comanche County today.


This letter was written by Elmer Weidner who lived near the Wilson community in Erath County to Ellen Cox, my daddy’s sister. Ellen was the daughter of Cornelius Nicholas Cox and Mary Jane Johnson Cox. They lived between Comanche and Gustine, Texas near the Fleming community (now known as “Pettit”). There were 7 brothers, Robert, Joe, Birl, Hill, Henry, Jeff, and Will Cox. Will was my Daddy. There were two sisters, Renier and Ellen. Ellen was born in 1884 and she would have been about 16 years old when this letter was written to her.

Wilson Texas March 19, 1900

My dear Sweetheart

It is once more in life that I take my pencil in hand to write to the goodest and the prettiest girl on earth and to the one I love best Elen you looked gooder yesterday than ever I saw you and you could talk gooder than ever I heard you and never never will I forget them pretty eyes of yours

Well Elen we got home all rite I hated to leave my good little Elen but if I hadent you would have run me off before now I told you to think of me when dark comes tonight to think that I am writing to you and I am writing It may be fooling my time away writing to you but I hope it is not that way because I love you gooder than any bodie on earth and that is the truth Elen You may fool me I don’t know if you do I can say the best girl on earth fooled me and the prettiest one to

Elen you may think I will fool you but if there is any fooling done Elen will have it to do I told you I would not fool you and I spoke the truth when I said it Elen I told you I was going to beleave ever word you told me and I am going to till you fool me You can fool me if you want to

Oh how I wish I could see you tonight I would like to talk to you You can talk so good and look gooder than any bodie and love you better than any bodie on this earth and that is the truth if ever I told it

Elen you can say you are mine if you want to for their no bodie a head of you and never no never will be You have got to fool me if there is any fooling I hope there will never be any fooling done I can not keep from thinking how good you looked Sunday you looked gooder than ever I saw you

Elen this old sory paper I can not hardly write on it maby you can make out some of it Elen you are the goodest and the prettiest girl on earth and I can not tell you how good I love you words can not express my love for you that is pretty scary talk but it is the truth if ever I told in my life though it may never do me any good

I told you I was going to beleave ever word you said and I am to You can tell me a story and I will beleave it but I hope you will never tell me a story for I am not going to tell you any

Well Elen I guess you are getting tired of reading such a letter so I will close I wish I could write a good letter this is so sory writing I don’t know whether you can read it or not

Excuse bad writing and spelling and short letter

This is from one that truly loves you and to the one I hope loves me

So By By

From your lover Elmer

To Elen

Note: This letter was written of what was probably expensive paper, it was embossed and thet top two pages were tied with a narrow blue ribbon. It is written in pencil in a very good hand. I have copied it as written, if the word was misspelled, I left it. Also, he didn’t have any punctuation in the letter.

My mother always talked to me about Aunt Ellen and Uncle Elmer. She talk a lot about the times that Uncle Elmer came to see the family after Aunt Ellen had died. We always considered him “Uncle” and went to Wilson and the Edna Hill Communities near Dublin to see him and his second wife, and we called her “Aunt Ett”.

Mama said when Elmer came courting Ellen, he would ride horseback or come in his buggy. There was no hopping in his pickup truck or his car and rushing over those miles. They were married on December 2, 1900.

In 1906 Ellen was pregnant. They had arranged for a doctor to be at their home when the baby came. Ellen wanted to come to Fleming to see her parents and family one more time before the baby came. They came in the buggy for the day, and going home, she went into labor.

The Doctor was at the house but there was nothing he could do. Grandma Cox thought if she could get there fast enough, there would be something she could do to save her. My mother said one of the boys nearly killed a good horse getting to their home, but to no avail. Ellen died and the baby also. They died on February 26, 1906. Ellen would have been 22 years old. They are buried in a single grave at Union Cemetery near Gustine, Comanche County, Texas.

The Comanche County Historical Museum has a beautiful enlarged picture of Elmer and Ellen, also this letter is copied out for handouts.

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9 Responses to A Love Letter From Erath to Comanche County

  1. Janella Hendon says:

    Elmer Weidner is buried in the Barbee Cemetery in an area with a number of other relatives.

  2. Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

    Janella, do you mean that you are related to him?

  3. Nancy willingham Trotter says:

    Beautiful but sad i found a good number of these love stories in my own family while doing genealogy That is why i love doing genealogy

  4. missy jones says:

    Fredda: thank you so much for writing the body of this letter. I have the original letter, it is stamped by the post office: Wilson, Texas. I have copies of this letter at the Comanche Historical Museum and would love to give a copy to anyone interested.

  5. Harrell Gilbreath says:

    Hey Fredda, The weidners came to the Wilson community from , I think, Indiana around 1885. They purchased a section of land on Resley’s Creek and raised a large family. The boy,s were Elmer,Joe. Charlie, and Dee.I am not sure about the daughters but one married El Williamson and another married a Curley. Jerry Wright of Comanche was a Williamson Grandson. The Youngest son Dee married Velma Prater. Her mother was Francis Gilbreath Prater the oldest sibling of my father Haywood Gustine Gilbreath named after the little town of Gustine, Tx. My Father was born in August of 1894. His Father John Chesley, former Sheriff of Erath,County Had just returned from helping organize the School system for the little Community and was so impressed with the people and the site of the village that he named his newborn son for that community. He was tragically killed six weeks later at the age of 43. The original home-place is currently owned by a Weidner Grandson.

  6. Harrell Gilbreath says:

    You asked about Weidners in Comanche. Charles Weidner who passed away a few months back was the Grandson of Charlie Weidner, Brother of Elmer. Charles was the son of Sim Weidner and Blanch Ruby Gilbreath Weidner. Charlie spent most of his adult life in Montana and Washington as a true Cowboy. As I remember him he was short, heavy set and extremely bowlegged and could have passed for the twin Brother 0f Charley Russell.

  7. mary peacock says:

    Very touching story!

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