• Madison Hagood Sweeps UIL Meet Writing Events…

    …But She’s So Much More Than “Just” A Writer!

    Madison With Her Academic UIL Medal

    Madison With Her Academic UIL Medal

    “All I can say is that you must have had a heck of a good teacher,” (or words to that effect!) I laughingly whispered into the ear of the proud dad that was Brent Hagood when he recently came running to tell me that his daughter, Madison, had swept the Brady Academic UIL Meet with four  blue ribbons in writing events.

    Brent went on to say that he was pretty sure that Madison had gotten her writing skills from him and just for a moment, the time rolled back to those long ago days when I was the “meanest” teacher around, when I was the one assigning those 15-20 page TYPED research papers, when I was the one who accepted no excuses for sloppy work, and certainly not for late work…when Brent Hagood was the one learning to write and doing a very good job of it…and I was happy to agree that just maybe his offspring did get some of her writing skill from her dad. :)

    Madison Hagood has been writing for years. In fact, she’s been entering ready writing contests since she was in the second grade, editorial writing contests since the eighth grade, and last year she began to compete in news and feature writing. She even competed on the state level last year in editorial writing so to say that she is good is a bit of an understatement, but Madison Hagood isn’t just a writer, not by a long shot. In fact, she might just be one of the most versatile young women that I know.

    Madison has accepted a scholarship to OCU.

    Madison has accepted a scholarship to OCU.

    I’m afraid it was that versatility that caused both of us to jump around quite a bit today as we sat down to visit…supposedly about her writing…but more about college, softball, and whether or not we believe that print media can survive. What a combo, but I did walk away with some tidbits of what is to come in Madison’s life that I think will interest you.

    First of all, of course, is the upcoming high school softball season.

    “We’re planning on making it all the way to the state tournament this year,” the beautiful blonde told me. “We’ve already gone farther than any other Maiden softball team by getting to the regional finals, but this year is our year for state.

    “We did lose Kaycie and Chandler, and that is a lot, but we have seven seniors returning and six of those are starters. Almost all positions are filled so I think we have a great chance.”

    And then comes summer, and Madison can’t help but bubble when she talks about that!

    A Journalist In The Making

    A Journalist In The Making

    “I’m so excited! This summer I’m going to Vienna, Austria because they offer a program called First Class. This is for beginning college students, and it is a chance to take our first college class there instead of on campus.”

    Of course, this won’t really be Madison’s first class, not at all, since she will enter college with 32 semester hours and be classified as a sophomore. This will not, however, endanger the softball scholarship that she has been awarded by Oklahoma Christian University.

    “Besides playing for the Maidens, I played for a select softball team called Texas Glory, an organization out of McKinney. We played in seven states last summer and at that time, I had never even heard of Oklahoma Christian, but they happened to be at a tournament where we played. Their assistant coach saw me pitch, and she had the head coach come over and watch me.

    “Because of NCAA rules, they did not say anything to me at that tournament, and I didn’t even know they were there. When they could, they called me and asked me to come for a visit so I went a couple of times to see if I thought it would be a good fit for me. I really liked the other players, the school, and the facilities are wonderful. I’m very excited to have a chance to play for them.”

    And so what does writing have to do with all of this?

    “I can’t say that writing is my first love right now, but I do hope to make my living as a journalist someday. OCU offers a degree plan in both print and broadcast journalism. I hope to be able to intern during the summers at various newspapers, plus OCU has really good job placement services.

    “Softball and writing. For now that pretty well sums up my life.”

    Not a bad combo if you ask me!

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