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    Margaret Dunning is not a Texan, but she is 102 and still a vibrant, interesting woman. I don’t know about you, but when I hear about a woman who is 102 and has decided to go back to college, I want to know more, and I want to learn her secret as well!

    Margaret Isabel Dunning was born on June 26, 1910, on a Michigan farm, and it was on this farm that the young girl developed an interest (and I would presume a talent) for working on old cars, a love that continues even at the age of 102.

    Margaret graduated from Plymouth (Michigan) High School in 1929 and then attended the University of Michigan for two years. She left the university to study at the Hamilton Business School in Ypsilanti, Michigan at a time when young women simply did not enter the world of business.

    Margaret Dunning went on to work in banking (even lived through a bank robbery) and then purchased a clothing store which she owned for twenty-one years; however, she never lost her love of cars, and she always regretted not getting her university diploma.

    In September of this year, MSNBC.com carried an article on Margaret, the 102 year old who still changes the oil and spark plugs herself on her baby, a 1930 Packard 740 Roadster.

    Mike Cardew / Akron Beacon Journal

    Then, there is the issue of this lovely lady going back to college to earn the degree she did not receive on her first tour at Michigan U. According to a late September article by the Huffington Post, Margaret was very excited to learn that she has been awarded a full scholarship to attend the university she left over eighty years ago!

    “Auto products manufacturer The FRAM Group decided to help send Dunning back to the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business after seeing a story about her lifetime devotion to cars, Today.com reports. Dunning will also get free auto parts for life, a nod to the fact that she still changes the spark plugs and oil on her cars.”

    So….how is it that this amazing woman is still going strong at 102 when many of us are feeling worn down at half her age? My suspicion would be that Margaret embraces life and that she always has. She has hobbies she loves, and she has never stopped wanting to grow as her going back to school would indicate.

    I also have one other thought. I don’t believe Margaret ever married and had children. I think most moms will agree that while rearing children comes with unbelievable rewards, it also ages the heck out of us, right moms? :)

    Margaret, Texas salutes you. We should all live such a productive life!

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