Margaret Massingill Terrorized By Indians


Fredda Davis Jones

Hamilton, Texas: Nine-year-old Margaret Massingill was the daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Massingill, and she was in the schoolhouse the day that the Indians murdered her teacher, Miss Ann Whitney.

Margaret was not one of the “lucky” ones who escaped out the window and fled the Indians. No, the little girl was instead put under the schoolhouse floor. Unfortunately, her hiding place was under the loose floorboard on top of which Miss Whitney fell dead, her blood dripping into Margaret’s hair and onto her clothing.

When she was found that day after the killing, little Margaret Massingill was in shock. Her father, who was in the group of men who came to rescue the children at the schoolhouse, grabbed his daughter and shook her until she was able to tell them what had happened.

As we will see in the weeks to come, little Maggie was never really able to put this trauma behind her. Instead, it tortured her for the rest of her life. Today, brings you Margaret’s grandson, Nolan Massey, who tells her story.

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