• Marketing Your Small Business in 2013 – Introduction

    It’s Sunday, and my whole family is sleeping, so I decided to catch up on the latest in my favorite business blogs (as usual, that got me thinking). Most that know me think my reading material of choice is flat-out boring. In fact, most would say “boring” is an understatement. Obviously, they are wrong… AND, luckily my sister (Cindy) and I have the same interest. She is always sending me great material to read.

    Here is the latest – 7 Components That Comprise a Comprehensive Brand Strategy

    For those of you who don’t know Cindy, let me explain why she is at the top of my… ”I have a questions and I know you’ll have an answer” list.

    Cindy’s strength is driving brand strategy as well as in depth understanding for consumer segmentation and behavior. Cindy started her career in the hospitality industry driving marketing for a 5 star resort before moving into healthcare and ultimately consumer durable goods where she was responsible for driving the brand strategy for one of the World’s Top 1000 brands. She has so much passion for what she does, and she dedicates herself completely to every project she works on. When she’s working, she leaves the rest of the world behind! Yes, her employer is very lucky to have her.

    So, how is any of that relevant to this blog? It isn’t really, I just wanted to brag. Well that, and she has taught me an awful lot about marketing, brand strategy, and finding success. She has also taught me that when it comes to my “work”, there is only one way to do it! If you aren’t putting every last bit of heart and thought into it, you might as well go home. Heart, focus, dedication & consistency = success!

    Now back to marketing your small business in 2013. Recently, I was working on a national marketing campaign for Pederson’s Natural Farms, and I started writing down what messages I wanted to convey and how I wanted to incorporate those messages.

    The list looked something like this:

    • locally sourced
    • what’s our story?
    • Facebook ads
    • discounts for social sharing
    • children’s nutrition
    • sustainable
    • QR Codes
    • mobile marketing
    • Geo-target
    • photo sharing
    • connecting online to offline

    I got to thinking about our small business owners on Texansunited.com and how they could benefit from incorporating some of these messages and strategies into their own marketing efforts.

    I know, I know… as a small business owner, you stay so busy with the basics (accounting, managing staff, cleaning the office, counting inventory, basic customer service) that there’s no time for marketing. But wait, I think there’s hope, so stick with me! What if you spent 1 week creating a marketing plan that included a mandatory daily marketing checklist? Then, everyday for the next year, you could spend 30 minutes running through your checklist.

    One of the most valuable pieces of knowledge the last 10+ years in marketing and brand promotion has taught me was that marketing is crucial for business. ”Winging it” only wastes time and brings very little return on the time you invest. A marketing plan will keep you consistent, help you find ways to engage your customer, keep you from over thinking it, as well as provide you with a good return on the time you invest.

    In my next blog, we will talk about the basic components of a small business marketing plan as well as an action plan.


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    About Stacy Dudley

    With a BBA with an emphasis in Marketing, Stacy is the owner of The Moxie Room, a marketing firm located in Comanche, Texas. She is the master of strategy and the executor of said strategies. From conception to completion, she oversees each and every project acting as a liaison between creative and client. Before founding The Moxie Room, Stacy bulked up her portfolio all over the continent. From strategic planning, media relations, special events, internal communications, cause branding, ideation and new product launch management, her work has taken her from living in Texas to Tennessee to Toronto to Edmonton Alberta Canada.
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