• Marlin Knife To Be Raffled For Chance Garcia

    Danny Marlin of Comanche, Texas has been a knife maker for twenty-three years and, according to him, “There’s nothing fancy about knife making.”

    Proceeds from this knife will go to help with the expenses of Chance Garcia, which have to be tremendous.

    Proceeds from this knife will go to help with the expenses of Chance Garcia, which have to be tremendous.

    I’d have to disagree. :)

    Danny recently called me because he wanted to make a knife to help raise money for the Chance Garcia family, quite an undertaking, considering that it takes at least eight hours to create the beauties for which Marlin is known.

    Today, Danny brought that knife to me, and it exceeded all of my expectations.  Because I know nothing about the process, I asked him to walk me through exactly what he does.

    It takes 8 hours to make a knife.  (This one is elk horn.)

    1. profile the blade which means getting the shape you want.

    2. Grind the edge bevel, the taper of the blade down to the edge

    3. Sauter the brass guard on

    4. Glue the handle (which is just a rough piece of horn) on

    5. Polish the handle and blade

    6. Sharpen the blade

    “Sounds like nothing when I say it like that,” he laughed.

    Danny shows off a few of his knives.

    Danny shows off a few of his knives.

    The bulk of my work is for boot and saddle makers. I make knives for people who work with leather. You can buya factory knife for 10 or 20 dollars, but they aren’t quality knives. My knives will hold an edge longer, and I take a lot of time making sure they are thin, etc.

    He must be right because he ships knives to Germany, Australia, Hong Cong, S. Korea, and Canada. Wow, is all I could say…right here in Comanche County.

    I’ve been donating a knife every year to some cause, and I’ve been astounded by the priceds they bring.

    Why does he do it?

    Because Danny Marlin wants to pay it forward.

    “When I was sick, I wouldn’t have made it if people hadn’t helped me. They paid my bills when I couldn’t, and I want to help others now that I can.”

    So how do you buy a chance on this knife?

    Go by Gore’s Agri-Service, B’s Salon, U Name It, or call Dahlia Martinez. Tickets are 1 for $5.00 or 3 for $12.00. As you can imagine, the Garcia’s expenses have been extremely heavy, and this is a way for all of us to join Danny in paying it forward.

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    1. Landon schulze says:

      That really is beautiful knives

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