McCoy Murdered In Gustine, Texas 1910

From a scrapbook entry dated October 1910

“Just as we go to press we learn of a horrible tragedy that occurred this morning near Gustine in which Contractor McCoy was cruelly murdered by being shot in the back by an assassin while riding along the road with his family” -Hamilton Herald

This scrap of paper, saved in the scrapbook of Dora Nabers Greene, is all I have had on the above incident for many years. Today, I happened upon an entry from the Houston Post, October 23, 1910. It gave me enough clues to know that the above hastily written note had the facts twisted just a bit.


And then I found an interesting twist to the story. I have not done enough research to know the final chapter. If this is your family, or if you know how the story ended, please share with the rest of us!

The following is from the Galveston Daily News, 10-24-1910.

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