• Meet The Comanche School Board Candidates

    If you missed the school board candidates forum hosted by KCOM and facilitated by Marcia Glasgow, you shouldn’t have is all I have to say. Mayor Ronnie Clifton gave the opening remarks and thanked the candidates for their willingness to become public servants.

    Eight of the nine candidates were present to let the audience know their various philosophies on how a school should be run as well as to answer questions submitted by the audience. We are every one guilty of complaining, and this was the perfect chance to become a little more informed.

    Kay Hagood and Shelley Williams Not Pictured is Shannon Burch

    For over two hours those present listened to possible board members, and Texans United is very happy to congratulate the folks at KCOM Radio for taking the initiative in bringing this forum in front of the citizens of Comanche and for understanding that it is time for voters to have a better idea of just who they are voting for before they actually pull the lever on election day.

    One question presented to the candidates was what their thoughts were on our facilities; I have greatly  condensed the responses. If you have questions, please feel free to ask the candidates yourself.

    Kay Hagood- Believes the elementary school is the one most in need since many classrooms are in portable buildings.

    Shelley Williams- Agrees that the elementary school does have problems but she is not familiar with them enough to say just what the buildings need.

    Garrell Cotten- Agrees that the elementary school has problems but thinks we should build a new high school and move elementary into old high school.

    Leanne Ingram- Believes we need additions to the elementary school, especially in the special needs classrooms but that she understood that would be up to the new school board.

    David Johnson- Agrees that it is the elementary school that is in need and would also like to see the grounds maintained, possibly as a science project, etc.

    Clint Davis- Bellieves that the condition of the high school gym is such that it needs an upgrade but is more concerned about the condition of the old junior high that is now a part of the elementary school.

    Jennifer Robison- Is concerned with the fact that there is no central air/heat in the elementary school and that children are having to study in less than favorable conditions.

    Garrell Cotten, Leanne Ingram, David Johnson, Rick Taylor

    Do the candidates feel that Comanche ISD adequately prepares students for post-graduation life?

    Shelley Williams- Uses a former exchange student to support her answer that yes, Comanche does a great job of preparing students.

    Garrell Cotten- Believes that the high school does a very good job with dual credit and AP credit motivating students to move on.

    Leanne Ingram- Believes our kids are given great opportunities but does wish we had more vocational programs, also stresses that we must make sure we hire teachers who “know their stuff.”

    David Johnson- Believes Comanche does a very good job with college bound students; however, would like to see programs initiated that would allow students to graduate job-ready as some schools do where it is possible to graduate as a LVN, etc.

    Rick Taylor- Believes Comanche is doing a fabulous job of preparing kids for college but agrees that we may need to look at our vocational programs.

    Clint Davis- Agrees that we are building a foundation for the future but that we need more vocational and trade programs.

    Jennifer Robison- Believes Comanche does a great job of giving kids the educational knowledge they need to go to college but not in preparing them to know what they need to know about student loans, grants, etc.

    Kay Hagood- Also believes that Comanche students are well prepared for college but agrees that we need more vocational programs.

    Clint Davis and Jennifer Robison

    As you can see, this article would become way too long if I were to list every question asked, but I hope I’ve given you a start on making up your minds. KCOM, you did a great job, and I hope to continue these forums in the future. It was a great idea!


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