Mental Health, Gun Control, and Pick Three People

The No Guns Allowed Imprint
A Solution for Mental Illness and Access to Firearms (and how it will still fail).


Basically, if you’re not supposed to have access to weapons and ammunition, you need the No Guns Allowed symbol on the back of your driver’s license. If you’ve got it on your license, you will not be legally allowed to purchase weapons or ammunition at firearms dealers, gun shows, or private sales. You get that treasured symbol by being a violent criminal, dishing out domestic violence, or having mental illness, defined by the courts and your best friends. Of course, illegal sales will still occur, and some folks won’t lock up their weapons around people that shouldn’t be around firearms.

As for mental illness: Pick Three Friends. Your family and best friends. These are the people you absolutely trust with your life. These are the people who know you better than anyone else. If you are on life support, these are the ones who you trust to protect your right to live, or completing your desire to have life support removed. No one in government should have that authority without going through your three friends.

Your three friends also should know your mental status better than anyone else. If they think you’re going off the deep end, they need to get together, go to law enforcement and MHMR, and actively get help. THAT system is the one we need to have in place to stop the mentally unstable from legally purchasing weapons.

Too often we hear about someone with warning signs, or violent tendencies, or threats, and yet they fall the through the cracks. You don’t have to institutionalize everyone, but you do need to identify them in the legal system to put a background block on their ability to purchase a firearm. The red handgun with a hashed circle on the back of their driver’s license is just to make it easy to spot them when they are required to show an ID for any gun or ammunition purchase. That’s our community effort to slow down their access to weapons. It’s easy.

Why three friends? I don’t want one person to be able to accuse you of being unstable. I don’t want an overbearing government to come after a law abiding citizen without three someones being able to step in and defend them. I don’t want a government panel independently determining sanity and taking away the Second Amendment. That would smack of a totalitarian government. They need to go through that person’s closest friends and family, then the legal system.

With that in mind, if my three best friends think I’m going off the deep end, they need the legal help to keep all of us out of trouble!! Make note. Get three friends, good friends, the ones without a criminal history. Hopefully I don’t go too far into the weeds on this one, but mainly I want to protect your individual rights, and at the same time protect society.

I started this note well before our local tragedy of the loss of our Navy Seal, Chris Kyle. Our prayers go out to his family and we’re so appreciative of his service to our country.
Thanks again.
Dr. Mike

About Mike Jones

Dr. Mike is a veterinarian from Glen Rose, Texas. He is a Tarleton State Alumnus, 1979 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine, and a veteran of the United States Army. He has practiced veterinary medicine in Glen Rose since 1984 on everything from small animals to exotic wildlife. His politics are distinctly conservative, and stays politically active (even in a small town). Open discussions are always welcome!
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