• Michael Garcia: Senior Indian

    Michael Garcia is a senior at Comanche High School; he is also a senior on the Comanche Indian football team, serving as the center for the team, a position that he likes because “I’m the center of the line, and my job is important. I can’t mess up, not even once or else Payton doesn’t get the ball.”


    Of course, I wanted the inside scoop…how it really is to be a part of this year’s team.

    “This year’s team is very glued together. We aren’t about ourselves at all. It is everything for the team. Sometimes players get selfish and work on their own, but that is not the case this year. We are all about the team.

    “Our coaches are great too. They are always there for us and always helping us. They are never rude and just have a way of explaining things so that we understand what we need to do.”

    MICHAEL GARCIA COMANCHE INDIANWhatever the reason,  things apparently just fell in the right place at the right time this year. With two more district games, the Indians need two wins to remain in 2nd place behind Grandview. Of course, Michael was quick to point out that if they can win and if Grandview would drop a game, the Indians would be in the co-district champion spot!

    For now, however, the Indians just need to focus on their game and their next opponent, West.

    “West is a very fast team and their skill positions are filled with great players. To beat them we have to contain the quarterback first. The hardest thing about this quarterback is that he is so fast and elusive that if he sees a hole, he’s through it. One of their receivers runs a 10.5 in the 100 so he has a lot of speed too, but if we can play a solid game in our secondary, we can take them.”

    So what’s the game plan?

    “Basically just stop their big plays and control the ball in ours. If we can keep the ball in our hands, they can’t score.”

    And then I asked the senior center some things about football in general. More and more, it seems to be a sport that polarizes people…both for and against, and I wanted to know why this young man enjoys it so much.

    “I like the physicality of the game. It’s a special sport because there are 11 people out there at all times, and I always know the other 10 are ready to help me. It has taught me not to give up, to keep on fighting.”


    “We have a winning attitude, not a defeated attitude, and that makes all the difference. And that has helped me even in the classroom. We study together a lot, and we have never done that before,” and then he smiled.

    “It’s just all in the attitude.”

    And here at United, we are pretty simple in what we think about the game:  GO INDIANS!

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