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    In today’s world, the modern woman encompasses a multitude of awe-inspiring talents. In my modest opinion, the ever-present desire to push one’s self beyond her comfort zone is one of the most admirable. Discovering women who’ve changed the course of history, who’ve contributed to advancements in medical science, or who’ve devoted their lives to the service of those in impoverished nations summons an intense sense of pride in our incredible gender within me.

    Joy & RioJoy Hawks: WPRA Champion, competitive stock contractor in the bucking bull industry, businesswoman, and mother, is one of those women that just stopped me in my tracks.  It wasn’t just for her lengthy list of professional accomplishments, but more in fact, her urge to share her knowledge and experiences with other women that left such an impact on me.  She devotes her time and talent to women who are seeking something within themselves, be it a sense of unattainable accomplishment, or personal empowerment, or a thirst for knowledge, or a sense of belonging to a unique and definitive institution.  Through her one-of-a-kind organization, the Rhinestone Renegades, Joy Hawks brings women of all walks of life the chance to unite, learn, and grow in an industry that has built itself on the thrill of conquering brute force and power.

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    The Renegades are compiled from women all across the Southwest – housewives, horsewomen, business professionals, from newlyweds to veteran mothers.   Some women have never laid a hand on the muscular, rippling coat of an 1,800 pound professional athlete.  Others have worked cattle since they were old enough to adorn cowboy boots.  The point is, anyone is welcome!  The chance to learn, the chance to grow within yourself, and to challenge yourself to try something new and exciting is offered by the Rhinestone Renegades.

    Rhinestone Renegades

    “As a woman within the industry, I want to share my experiences with other women who want to learn about or become involved in the stock contracting business.  Not only that, but take a chance and try something new, you never know what you are capable of until you give it a shot.  The Rhinestone Renegades are a big part of my life and I am thrilled to offer women the opportunity to expand their knowledge, have fun, and hopefully, make a little money while they’re at it,” says founder, Joy Hawks. Ladies, if you are searching for something to challenge yourself with that will no doubt grant you countless empowering returns, do not hesitate to check out this pioneering program!

    About Stacy Dudley

    With a BBA with an emphasis in Marketing, Stacy is the owner of The Moxie Room, a marketing firm located in Comanche, Texas. She is the master of strategy and the executor of said strategies. From conception to completion, she oversees each and every project acting as a liaison between creative and client. Before founding The Moxie Room, Stacy bulked up her portfolio all over the continent. From strategic planning, media relations, special events, internal communications, cause branding, ideation and new product launch management, her work has taken her from living in Texas to Tennessee to Toronto to Edmonton Alberta Canada.
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