• My Experience At The Junior National Hereford Exposition

    This last week, I traveled about 700 miles to attend the Junior National Hereford Exposition in Kansas City, Missouri. I am an agriculture advocate from the small town of Hamilton, Texas, and showing cattle is a major part of my life. My name is Shelby Rogers and I have a passion for the beef industry and the Hereford breed. So, last Friday my family loaded up the truck and we were KC bound.


    I am part of a team that has a major role in planning this National Show. I am one of the twelve on the National Junior Hereford Association board of directors. We are a team that comes from as far as Washington and Montana to Michigan and Georgia. We each have a three year term, and four new “boardies” are elected each year at Nationals. And, this summer started the third and final year for me being on the board.

    As a team we plan all contests, find judges for everything, and work in the show ring. We work behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy. With monthly conference calls for a whole year in advance we get it planned, but, with over 1,400 cattle exhibited and over 600 youth attending from states as far as New York, this is not an easy task. We put on many miles everyday (at least ten) and have long days with little sleep. But, to me, it is worth every minute. I have a love for the red and white cattle and have since age seven.

    Not only do I have a love for the breed but also for the people involved. They are my Hereford family! And I do all that I do – all the work and miles – for the kids. I had a dream since I was in second grade to be a National Hereford director because of a director. Now I want to inspire young kids to dream big and know that they can conquer their goals. I know that they will be the ones that remember me, and I hope I can encourage each and every one that they can accomplish any goal they decide to have.

    During this long week at Nationals, we had many contests. These contests are great for teaching the youth important qualities. We have contests such as speaking, quiz bowl, and team marketing. It is great to see the competition between states and especially between the friends from different states. It is truly a “family event” and I am already counting down the days ’til next year (about 350 to be exact)!

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    5 Responses to My Experience At The Junior National Hereford Exposition

    1. Kerry says:

      GREAT JOB Shelby! We’re Hereford promoters at Dudley Brothers for sure!!!! Keep up the good work.

    2. Cindy Rogers says:

      Love reading what Shelby writes! Not very excited that she is going back to Oklahoma State soon.

    3. Dale Gross says:

      Good job Shelby!

    4. Etta Myers says:

      I have polled Herefords here near Stephenville. I think they are beautiful animals!

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