My Mother Was NOT Born Under A Tree!

SHEILA  POOLSheila Kee married Paul Pool, and they make their home in Gilmer, Texas. I just had to sit down and laugh when I received the following from her via emai this week. It just shows that Missy Jones is 100% correct when she preaches that we all need to ask questions, ask questions, ask questions before it is too late!

Our thank you goes out to Sheila for sharing the following story with us.


I should tell you that initially my husband, Paul, had no interest in family history whatsoever. However, I loved it and listened earnestly every time that his mother or oldest sister, Ruthie, talked.

This short story below will give you an idea of how little Paul and his siblings had listened over the years. As Paul said later, “I guess we only listened to the funny stories.”

Ruby, Paul’s mother, died a few months before Paul and I married. A few years later, we were on our way to visit with one of his sisters, Eunie. She lived in the Grice Community, which was about 5 miles northwest of the Rosewood Community and about 14 miles west of Gilmer, Texas.

About one mile before we reached the turn off, I requested him to stop so I could take a picture. He stopped but questioned, “What in the world could you possibly want to take? There is nothing out there but a pasture with a couple of trees.”FARM WAGON FROM GOOGLE IMAGES

I replied, “That is true but one of those trees is the one under which your mother was born….in a wagon bed. I want to take the picture and document the exact mileage from town to keep a record of it.”

At this point, he began laughing and saying, “You let a couple of old women tell you some whoppers and Ruthie is probably laughing right now, knowing you fell for it all, hook line and sinker. My mother was not born in a wagon bed under that tree.”

I asked, “Okay, where was she born?”

“I don’t know but it wasn’t there.” At that point we agreed to turn around and go back to Rosewood and ask the authority on the subject, Ruthie.

Poor Ruthie…..Paul stomped into the house without a hello and said, “Tell this crazy woman that our mother was not born in a wagon bed under an old oak tree just off of Highway 852.”

Ruthie, to me, “Oh, good you are taking pictures. Did you get some good ones?”…..then to Paul….”Of course she was. I would not tell something about family history that was not true.”

Since that time, I have discovered how and where different members of his family lived and died, found the cemetery where his maternal grandfather and great aunt are buried, plus many other things.

And I have found him a host of relatives, not all of which he will claim; but, they are there nonetheless!

*Wagon from Google Images


We’ll be hearing from Sheila again next week.

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