Notes About The Cowboys And Jerry

I’m sure that everyone who has watched the Dallas Cowboy Season has their own thoughts about the 2011 version. I continue to watch, and wonder why at times. But here is my take on that organization…………………..

Let me start off by saying the Cowboys are not my favorite team, but a team that I watch every time that they are on the tube. Not very many people outside the Jerry Jones household would bother to argue that the Cowboys so desperately need Jerry to sit in his luxury box every Sunday, enjoy the game, and then go do something else during the week. He needs to hire the best football staff available at the organizational level and let them work. It is obvious that he has the funds to make that happen…………….

Jerry played on the National Champion Arkansas Razorback team under the direction of the legendary Frank Broyles during the 1964 campaign, so to say that he does not have football savvy would be wrong. He has made millions in the oil business and I’m sure he has done that because he is an excellent business man and knows how to make money……

The problem is Jerry continues to prove year after year that he cannot put the two together to make the Cowboys a success and some of that is due to his inflated ego. And while he has that inflated ego, there is no doubt in my mind that he contributes quite readily to the needy and less fortunate, which makes me like and respect the man from that angle………………….

If you remember, Jerry had success at a level unmatched by any other NFL club during the 90’s. The Cowboys were deemed the team of the decade. “America’s” team was alive and well. He had fired Tom Landry and the only thing that could come close to redemption for him was to win. And win he did. Three world championships!

He hired his old college roommate and teammate from that Razorback squad, Jimmy Johnson, to lead the silver and blue. Jimmy, as you recall, had been highly successful at the helm of the then notorious University of Miami Hurricanes. He had won so easily there that it was time for him to move on to bigger and better challenges…………………

I think that Jimmy Johnson is an excellent coach but just like for anyone else winning isn’t automatic. It takes the right personnel, both in players as well as coaches. Jimmy hired one of the best coaching staffs in all of football with Norv Turner as his offensive coordinator, and Dave Wanstedt as his defensive leader.

The position coaches were an excellent lot as well. And there sat Jerry in the general manager’s role along with being the sole owner. It all looked like a perfect fit. But Jerry couldn’t leave “well enough” alone and once again that ego sought and destroyed. In short that talented staff left and did so with no love lost for the owner and “General Manager”………………

Add to the mix a team loaded with young talent just waiting to erupt as one of the NFL’s best ever. With future Hall of Famers Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin already suiting up for the Cowboys a deal was made with the bumbling Minnesota Vikings to send an overrated and under-achieving Hershel Walker north in exchange for players and a Viking spot in the draft. Jimmy was all too familiar with Emmett Smith from his days in Florida and the Cowboys added the third piece to the famed trio dubbed as the “Triplets”………………

The Cowboys won and won and won some more. They absolutely looked invincible. Even the uncaring and self-promoting Barry Switzer, yet another Razorback teammate, won a super bowl. But one more season under Barry and mediocrity began to set in. The stars began to age and retire or opt for more money at other places…………….

And now that same mediocrity that Switzer helped to create, has been a resident of Valley Ranch now for more than a dozen years. Jerry has needed to put in a swinging door in the coach’s office simply because they come and go, each after flirting with success only to manage to find that a poor to average showing follows. Each time that occurs Jerry makes the move to replace the head man, but the GM position remains the same: entrenched in his vow to carry on and hope that he can stumble onto the magic once more………………

Along with the head coaching position has come the hope that one of his many quarterbacks can take him back to the promise land. It hasn’t happened and it is beginning to look a lot more like the talented yet mistake prone Tony Romo will be yet another failure in bringing back the glory days when the Cowboys and the NFL playoffs were synonymous……………

I think that current head coach Jason Garrett has the intelligence, the presence of mind, and the organizational skills to get the job done. But without a true GM to support and correct; his future is probably doomed as well. I want him to succeed because he is a good guy with a likeable personality, and the sense to admit wrong. He deserves to win! …………………………

So why won’t Jerry step down from the general manager’s job? I truly believe he feels, year after year, that he is on the verge of winning. I also believe that for Jerry success is simply making money and that the Cowboys don’t necessarily have to win for him to make money.

Just being good enough and close enough to keep the rabid football fans of Texas hooked is alright with him. Sure he would love to once again bring home the “Lombardi”, just to soothe his ego but the bottom line is that it isn’t all that necessary in the big picture…………..

You see, I stated earlier that he was an excellent business man. He has made a fortune in the oil business. But here’s the difference: if he is the guy hunting the spot to drill and he keeps hitting dry holes, I can promise you he would go out and hire someone with the technology and oilfield savvy to tap into another pool of black gold…………….

Give him credit for bringing in a venue like Cowboy Stadium and the staff to lure everything from sports to entertainment to fill the seats as often as those thrill seekers wish. But as for the Dallas Cowboys football team he keeps hitting dry holes. The sense of urgency is gone because he has a team of experts in place to make him money and he can play with his Dallas Cowboy toy without fear of failure……..RC

About Ronnie Clifton

Ronnie Clifton was a Texas Football Coach for 29 years. In addition to football, Clifton also served as the head coach in basketball and both girls and boys track. “I loved being involved in and playing sports as a kid, and I soaked up every ounce of available information about any sporting event; I also love to write. What better combo for me than becoming the writer of a sports blog?”
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