Number One Texas Still Right To Work

I recently heard on the news that according to published reports Texas is still the number one (as in the best) state in the country for companies to locate to in order to start a new business. Now, we can debate the reasons for this all day, but the fact remains that the numbers show that this is the truth.

So, my question to you is this: How is it that if Unions are so terribly important to a state and its economy (as we are told) that a non-Union, Right to Work state is at the top of the “success” list?

I’ll be the first to tell you that like most other “programs,” the Union was at one time a good thing. That we have no sweat shops filled with children is largely due to that long-ago fighting Union, and I think all of us are happy that the U.S. has moved beyond many of those types of problems.

What we have not moved beyond is the power of the Union, that well-oiled political machine that wields more power than the average Joe in a Right to Work state would ever dream.

I suppose my question today has to do with whether it is smart for any entity to have so much power over American citizens. Could it be that we have really grown beyond the need for the Union in this country? Texas seems to think so.

Since I first posted, Sam Vineyard sent me the following read. You might enjoy it.


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10 Responses to Number One Texas Still Right To Work

  1. Sharon MCCarty McKinnon says:

    I truly believe that unions are the reason we continue to lose jobs to overseas factories. They have driven the cost of doing business to the point that companies cannot afford to make many products in the US. I do agree that many years ago workers were often abused with long hours, little pay and using children for cheap labor. The unions were effective in dealing with that bad practice but they have outlived their usefulness. Mr. Hoffa’s remark on national television had a ‘mafia’ ring to it. No, No, No!!

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      I wasn’t going to mention J. Jr., because I have not done my homework on him, but I did get the same feel from his speech. It had that Chicago, smoke-filled room feel to it, at least it did to me.

  2. Dennis Marken says:

    Unions still need to be involved in the corporate world. History proves so. It does not belong in any org. that is supported by tax $$$$. The only change I see is unions should not be allowed to donate to a person running for office unless 90% of the union members agree.

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      I think history proves that the Union of 2011 is out for the Union, Dennis, becoming rich off of the backs of the very people they claim to support. You know how corrupt the Union and its politics has become, 99% or no.

  3. Dennis Marken says:

    I agree unions have way too much power and are nothing more than a political machine. What I am saying is we still need unions they just need to be down-played and not allowed to be involved in the political system unless the majority of the members back who is supported. Just no unions where employees receive tax payer money for salaries.

  4. Sam Vineyard says:

    Well Dennis the same could be said about big business. They should not be allowed to donate to a politicial party or person running for office and the same for all lobbyist in Washington. Every politician there is a bought and paid for elected official. Congressmen and Senators should only represent the people who elected them and companies don’t get to vote.

    In your last sentence are you saying a government agency doesn’t mess around with the hired help and they don’t need a union to represent them?

  5. Dennis Marken says:

    Now that I have given it some thought I agree, no union should be allowed to be involved in the political process, only the members as individuals and their personal choice. That would also include any religious org. As you stated they are all bought and paid off by corporate, unions etc. So I think we agree.

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      I know this is probably very CONSERVATIVE Libertarian of me to say, but it seems to me that elections should ALWAYS be in the hands of “the people,” the INDIVIDUAL people. With that I mean NO SPECIAL INTEREST groups of any kind….of course I’m dreaming of a perfect world.

  6. Dennis Marken says:

    Keep dreaming. At least you know you are alive. People in congress quit dreaming long ago.

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      If we are going to promote a cure for the country and if we are encouraging people to vote for PEOPLE and not along party lines, I’d say we’d better be able to inspire a dream.

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