• Obamacare And Dr. Eisenrich

    Dr. Eisenrich from the Comanche County Medical Center has the following tacked to the walls of his examining rooms. It was written and given to him by a doctor from Brownwood Regional Medical Center.

    Of course when I saw it, I just had to post it to see what you think!


    Obama Care

    BIG LIE #1- “Government run healthcare is needed.” This program has NOTHING to do with healthcare and EVERYTHING to do with control.

    BIG LIE #2- “Obama stated, ‘Thirty million people are denied access to healthcare in America’” Give me a break! NO ONE is refused access to healthcare in America, legal or illegal. All they do and have done for years is go to the Emergency Room. NO ONE IS DENIED HEALTHCARE, NO ONE.

    BIG LIE #3- “DOCTORS SUPPORT OBAMA CARE.” The AMA is an elite, institutional, lobbyist-run group of medical doctors. They make up 15% of the physicians in America today. I dropped out of the AMA 20 years ago when they became anti-gun and pro-abortion. The Texas Medical Association dropped out of the AMA this year.

    FACT: The President and members of Congress REQUIRE you to use their government-run healthcare system, while they themselves are not required to use it.

    FACT: For those of us who GET IT, this has nothing to do with race and color, but everything to do with Marxist ideology and loss of American freedoms.

    If this offends you, I’m sorry, but the UNCONSTITUTIONAL government takeover of private enterprise offends ME!


    Okay, you see how two local doctors feel; what do you think?

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    5 Responses to Obamacare And Dr. Eisenrich

    1. It makes you wonder how many doctors out there feel the same way, but have no way to voice their opinion, because main-stream media outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the rest are all loyal backers of the Progressive/Socialist/Marxist movement in America. So no other opinions except the Progressive agenda will be printed.

      The answer is held in the power of grass-roots movements like the Tea Party. Main-stream media may be able to censor the feelings of the majority via the broadcast media in which they hold a majority rule but they can’t quell the fire of freedom, patriotism and American values and morals instilled in groups like the Tea Party. Good always wins in the end.

      • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

        Then good needs to get busy, don’t you think? And I am pointing a finger right at myself as I type because, even though I stay right in the middle of knowing what is going on, I do not do my share to help keep our politicians under control.

    2. Dennis Marken says:

      I must say I agree 100% with the good doctor. Obama care has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with control. To help understand how we can stop this shredding of our country and constitution we must go back in history. I don’t know how many of you know who Chief Canasatego (Leader of the Onondage nation that formed the Irpqnois Confederact) was, but he had a large hand in forming our constitution. In fact, one of the delegates of the Constitutional Convention read a section of the Iroquoian Law to his fellow framers, “we the people, to form a union, to establish peace, equity, and orders–, sound familiar??

      Chief Canasatego met with Benjamin Franklin and presented him with an arrow. He took it back and broke it over his knee. Then he took out a bundle of 13 arrows tied in leather. He again attempted to break it over his knee. Of course it would not break. He presented the bundle to Mr. Franklin, the message was plain. To survive and be strong, the thirteen colonies needed to join together. As you know, the eagle in the Great Seal holds that same bundle of thirteen arrows in his claw.

      Folks if you want your children and grand children to live in a free country we had better join together and destroy Obama care. It’ s only purpose is to bring the United States of America to her knees. Corruptisima re publica pluimae leges [In the most corrupt state are the most laws.]

      • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

        Strength in numbers! It’s what we are all about here at Texansunited.com. No matter what the issue, as Americans we can always persevere, if we are willing to work together toward a common goal. And, folks, we’d better decide to work together.

    3. H.R. Jefferies says:

      Dr E is a known Dr and we should believe as he says. Not to the Politicians

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