• Pam Bills-There Was No Money For Christmas

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    I was probably about 6 or 7, and my dad had been laid off his job at the end of November right before Thanksgiving. Now, my parents were never the kind to tell you things were bad or even act like it. They always told me everything would be okay; we just had to watch our money.

    Daddy was working odd jobs to pay the bills, and Mama had picked up some hours at a nursing home to help finish it up. Any money they had planned on using for my Christmas had to go for us to live.

    I don’t really remember being worried about Santa coming, but my parents were. They could not stand for me not to have something under the tree from Santa.

    Christmas morning came and I was up at 4 AM (my normal Christmas wake up time) to see what Santa had brought. He had left me furniture for my Barbie doll!! A bed with a mattress, pillow and bedspread, a dresser with a mirror, stool and little skirt around the dresser that matched the bedspread, a wardrobe for her clothes all painted white, a couch and chair for her to sit on and a new Barbie!!!

    I was so excited. I know I received other gifts that year but this was my favorite. I played with that furniture all the time.

    Only much later when I was a teenager did I find out that my beautiful furniture had been made from old apple crates, our local mom and pop grocery was throwing away. The couch and chair were covered in scraps from a friend who did upholstery, and my mom had sewn the bedspread and dresser skirt and made the mattress and pillow from an old pillow my grannie had. (She never threw anything out.)

    The paint for the bed, dresser and wardrobe came from a job Daddy had worked; when he was done they told him to throw everything away, and he kept the paint. The Barbie doll was bought by one of my great aunts.

    Sadly, somewhere along the way my furniture was lost, but I will always remember that special Christmas. -Pam Bills, Comanche, Texas


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