Pam Hurt & A Lifetime At Comanche National Bank

Robert and Pam

Robert and Pam

Pam Kirkland Hurt has a lot of memories, a lot of memories of days spent at Comanche National Bank. In fact, ALL of Pam’s working memories are of Comanche National because that’s the only place she has ever worked!

“I married Robert on December 26, 1975, and 20 days later, on January 15, 1976, I went to work at the bank. I’ve decided that I must be pretty stable since I’ve been married to the same man for 38 years and I’ve kept the same job for the same 38 years!” the petite blonde who doesn’t look much older than she did back then laughed.

Pam was hired by then bank president, Reg Waggoner, back in the day when it was still proper for men to smoke their pipes in their offices as they did business.

“Sometimes I still get a whiff of that sweet tobacco, and it takes me back to those days and my memories of Reg. Believe it or not, that smell is still a very ‘sweet’ memory for me.”

As the others have said, “back in the day” every new hire began his or her banking career in the bookkeeping department.

“Bookkeeping is where we learned our customers…believe it or not, we even learned to recognize their signatures. Back then, we literally did everything by hand: posting of checks, deposits, and we created our own bank statements.”

After she left the bookkeeping department, Pam worked for several years as a teller, including the head teller, before moving over to serving as a secretary in the load department.

“I was in the teller line for years. This was long before the teller machines of today. We added and subtracted our in and out tickets and counted our money in our teller drawer at the end of the day. AND…we stayed there until we balanced!”

Pam has worked for four bank presidents: Reg Waggoner, Jerry Vines, Kenneth Hagood, and current president, Jeff Stewart.

“Kenneth Haggood once told me that CNB was grooming me to be able to step in one day and fill Myrt Jackson’s shoes. At the time I thought, ‘No way! No one can fill those shoes,’ but that’s where I ended up. Today I do IRAs, CDs, and new accounts. I’m not sure I’ve filled Myrt’s shoes, but I try.”

Of course, I had to ask why it is that Pam Hurt has spent her entire working career inside the walls of the Comanche National Bank.

Pam Hurt

Pam Hurt

“I’m so proud to be a part of this organization. Comanche National Bank continues to grow and changes come and yet, we still retain that hometown, personal service for which the bank has always been known. We all have ‘our’ customers, and I have people who will wait in line for me because they are used to me.

“If you can call your customer by name, you’ve provided that first step in personal service. At CNB, we do everything we can to make our customers know that they are important because they are. Without them, there is no bank, and we wouldn’t be there.

“Our president, Jeff Stewart, is one of those people who can think out of the box. Where my vision can be so tunnel, his is amazingly broad. I don’t think his mind ever rests because he is constantly thinking of ways to improve our entire organization, and this is a lot of why we’ve been successful and have continued to grow. Hopefully, he plans to be around for years to come because I plan to finish out my working career right here at Comanche National Bank!”

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  1. Missy Jones says:

    Thank you, Pam, for your memories of early days at The Comanche National Bank. Those are my memories, too. Yes, we do have special memories of those times, and it is easy to go back with you and see those days. Best of luck to you. Love, Missy Jones

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