• Part 2: The Duren Hotel In Mullin, Texas

    7187sSo… before I begin this story about the cutest little place I visited in the “middle of nowhere,” I feel like I should give you some background on exactly how I came upon the Duren Hotel.

    I like people… random people.  And… I’m always curious, (especially) one January night while I’m peering around the corner watching my remodel in progress and trying to plan my favorite girls wedding in my head; by the way- this (wedding planning) would be another story.

    As I am rambling and asking questions of the contractor, we finally come to what ultimately leads me down the road to the Duren Hotel.

    Joseph: “You should plan my wedding.”
    Me: “Umm… sure (I’m thinking I should probably call in reinforcements on this); where?”
    Joseph: “In Mullin.”
    Me: “Mullin?”

    I mean, I do happen to know a few people from this place but, it’s a pretty dang tiny. What in the heck could be there?

    Me: “Ok… where exactly in Mullin?”

    That’s how it started. Fast forward a month, and one night I find myself on the phone with Phil Duren trying to explain myself and asking really way too many questions for a Friday evening. Of course Phil was super sweet to this random stranger (me) and gave me some information about his place.

    The Duren Hotel (originally the McNeil Hotel) was one of the first structures in Mullin. Like most places during the day, the townsite was established along the rail line. The hotel was right beside the rail road along with a saloon and, eventually, a Post Office.

    The Hotel stayed right there until 1978 when Phil’s dad purchased the building from Darryl Kirbo and moved it out to their family ranch. The hotel has been through 2 remodels since being moved and now can be rented for family gatherings, weddings, or just a place to get away.

    After getting the lowdown on this place, I of course had to go see it. I mean, who wouldn’t?! So, last week I rounded up my partner in crime and very best friend and we headed to Mullin, Texas. After getting side tracked (which generally happens with us) by some old buildings in town, we headed down CR 549 looking for the Duren.

    Ok let me just say, once we got there, I got distracted. Again. This place was cool. Way cool. On the spot, I decided I wanted to live here. Ok, well maybe that’s extreme. Rephrase- I wanted to stay there for awhile.

    The hotel has a wrap around porch (sigh) and a tree swing (yep, sigh again). Then of course there’s a nice tank that, had it been just a little warmer, I would’ve taken Amy up on cannonballing into. There were canoes and paddle boats just waiting for warmer temperatures. And, not to mention, the property itself was absolutely beautiful.

    The Duren Hotel, yep, I will definitely be back to the cutest little place in the “middle of nowhere.”

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    2 Responses to Part 2: The Duren Hotel In Mullin, Texas

    1. Jan Allbritton says:

      Keep writing! Very good! After all, writing is just talk written down. Keep letting your voice show through! Love it!

    2. Barbra Crane says:

      this is the place that I am planning a big old fashion BBQ this summer, just before the first cold spell that comes in..I am going to invite eveyone..and everyone that wants to come..It will cost a pretty penny but it will be the last one I will have, so it will be worth it..Plenty to eat , plenty of good food, and of cource everyone will have to bring their own drinks..and when everyone gets there, they should stay there the night if they are going to drink..

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