Raiford Franklin Gore & Margaret “Mattie” F. Florence

Following the death of Louisa S. Grant Gore, Raiford Franklin Gore married Margaret “Mattie” F. Florence, November 18, 1877. Margaret was born 1845, the daughter of W.A. and Elmira Florence.

The following children were born to this union:

Henriette “Etta” Gore
Born: January 22, 1877 – Henderson County, Texas
Married: George Wallace Dutton – March 27, 1897 -Comanche County, Texas
Died: January 03, 1910 – Tarrant County -Ft. Worth, Texas

William Ross Gore
Born: 1879 – Henderson County, Texas
Married: Nora Ellen Carver
Died: 1948 – Buried Comanche County, Texas – Mercers Gap Cemetery

Parts of the following are very unclear to me. I have cleaned up what I could and left exactly as it came to me what I can not understand. Hopefully, it will be enough that you can decipher something of what you need from it.

George and Henrietta Gore Dutton

George and Henrietta Gore Dutton

On April 5, 1883, John Henry Gore (brother of Raiford Gore) filed for guardianship of the minors Henrietta and William Ross Gore. It was posted three times in the paper in Henderson County, Texas. This went to court on April 29, 1883.

H.H. Florence (a brother of Margaret Florence Gore) filed for guardianship of both the person and Estate of minors Henrietta and William Ross Gore. H.H. Florence stated that he was young, had no family but himself and wife, and that he was the brother of Margaret Florence Gore, mother of said minors. He secondly stated that Margaret Florence Gore was deceased and about one year before her death, she expressed herself to him that it was her wish and desire that (in the case of her death) the applicant, John Henry Gore, should have nothing to do with said minors.

Third, stated H. H. Florence and John Henry Gore had many conversations about this matter prior to this date. May term 1883 Pro. Court Henderson County, Texas “H.H. Florence pays sureties to J. B. Bishop County Judge 1000 on and behalf of minors William Ross Gore and Henrietta Gore. Also an inventory of their estate was taken. County Court June 1st, 1883, Henderson County, Texas “John Henry Gore and H.H. Florence are fighting over guardianship of William Ross and Henrietta Minors”

“It is ordered by the court that the same be approved and ordered to record and that letting of Guardianship do issue to him the said H. H. Florence as guardian of the said Henrietta Gore and William Ross Gore.”

The ages of Raiford Gores children by his first wife Louisa S. Grant Gore at the time of this hearing are as follows: Sarah Elizabeth 24, James Lloyd 20, John Wiley 17, Tom 15, and Raiford R. is 12. By December of this year James Lloyd is in Comanche County and marries Charolotte Emaline Garner at Mercers Gap.

Family legend has that the children were cheated out of their property etc. Family legend states that the boys rode to Comanche on two horses and that the only thing that they brought with them was the family clock. The family Bible of Raiford F. Gore is in the possession of Vickie Gore Harvick of Comanche.

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3 Responses to Raiford Franklin Gore & Margaret “Mattie” F. Florence

  1. vickie says:

    All of the Gore children both of Louisa Grant Gore and Margaret Florence Gore end up in Comanche County with possibly the exception of Sarah the oldest of the children. Don’t know why other than an older sister of Raiford, Mary Jane Gore Edwards (grandmother of the little lost child) had settled in the Mercer Gap- Harmony Community. In regard to the court hearing. Mr. Florence has no children and John Henry Gore has a large family. Some of the relatives that have done a lot of research on this stated that was some of the Judges reasoning on the children being given to Mr. Florence and his wife and possibly Mr. Florence had more influence than Mr. Gore. I am pretty sure that the children of Louisa and Raiford came to Comanche county shorty after the court decision. Mary Jane Gore Edwards was their aunt and P.C. Johnson thru his wife Matilda Whatley Johnson were relatives that were already living here. And maybe another sister of Raiford, Parilee that married a Garner. They may have felt more comfortable with the Gore relatives than the Florence family. I need to see when Henriette and William Ross came. All of the siblings between both marriages were close. My grandfather Bailey went with his dad John Wiley to check on John Wiley’s half brother William Ross following the Zephyr tornado. My grandfather was a young boy and the damage that he witnessed due to the tornado made a life long impression on him. I also have a record somewhere showing the delivery by a country doctor of one of William Ross’s children in Zephyr. And I have some information about I think a Caffey running off to get married and some Gores helping them do so. A copy of a letter mentioning Raiford Franklin Gore visiting his relatives the P.C. Johnson family and returning to East Texas because of the Indian situation. I have a lot more documented information and I hope to one day get all the information that I have in a form that will be interesting to other members of this family. I had one of my Gore relatives ask me the other day how these young boys got their start in Comanche. They were all very young men when they came and I know all of Louisa and Raifords boys married in Comanche County. Anyone with corrections or additional information please reply to my post. Vickie

  2. vickie says:

    I thought of something else that might be of interest. Some descendants of Raiford Franklin Gore that you may know in order starting with his oldest son. James Lloyd Gore – Golda Gore Foreman, Nancy Foreman Hazelrigg and Jerry Foreman. John Wiley Gore- Bill Gore Family, Joe Gore Family, Bettie Gore Beene, and Sue Gore Arthur. Tom Gore – Jimmy, Jack, and Blandon Gore. Raiford ? William Ross – Mary Gore York and Glenda Gore Seay – Etta – Duttons Please add to my list. Would like to know who you are. Vickie

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