• Really Awesome RUSTIC Christmas Stuff You Can Make Yourself!

    Okay, so in my first installment of “Really Awesome Christmas Stuff You Can Make Yourself”, I presented you with five different DIY Christmas wreath options. Did anyone actually attempt any of those? If so, you’ve just GOT to share. :) We’d love to see them! If not, get busy, folks… the Christmas season is tick tocking away!

    Last week’s wreaths were a bit untraditional. I acknowledge that. So, maybe they didn’t suit your taste? Well, this week, I’m going in a bit of a different direction style-wise. This week, I’m offering up some rustic decor options. That might be a little better received here in small town Texas. And, you guys, I’ve got to tell you… I think I’ve found some SUPER easy, great looking options for you!

    I’m going to start with the easiest, Cinnamon Stick Candles. Now, there are all sorts of tutorials out there for this, but I think I found the EASIEST of them all over at Home Stories A to Z. Now, she was making them for Fall decor, but these very obviously and easily could be tailored to Christmas.

    Okay, now, tell me this isn’t just beautiful! Here’s the best part about it… there is NO glue or glue gun involved. There’s no sewing or carpentry skills. There’s no ANYTHING involved. Seriously. She holds all the cinnamon sticks in place with a rubber band! This girl is clever as they come! Now, to make it a little more Christmas-y, you could use a Christmas ribbon instead of or in addition to twine. You could use little Christmas bulbs instead of nuts on the tray. Or, how about adding a little fake snow to the tray? There are all sorts of options… just get creative! For the seriously easy instructions, click HERE. (And, don’t you know it smells amazing, too, when you burn them?!?)

    Next up (and I’m IN LOVE with this), are Mason Jar Snow Globes. I SOOOOO want to make these, but my style is a bit more… modern, I guess. Not rustic, anyway. But, I may try to change them up a bit to make them fit my decor. Anyway, I digress.

    So, apparently Anthropologie began selling these guys for around $30-$38 a piece! While I love Anthropologie, I don’t love Anthropologie’s prices. But, alas, some ingenious gal out there has come up with an alternative for MUCH cheaper.

    I wanted to show you Anthropologie’s version, though, so that you would see that the DIY version is even a little more complicated than is necessary. But, if you’re up for it, get as complicated as you want! :) Click HERE for the step by step and for more photos. I’m telling you… I LOVE this!

    And, our final rustic DIY for this installment of “Really Awesome Christmas Stuff You Can Make Yourself”, I’ve found something that operates a lot like a wreath. Maybe I should have thrown it in with last week’s wreaths, but I didn’t find it until today. ;)

    Here is a Twine Star from Lowe’s Creative Ideas:

    Now, I love the looks of this. I do. But, I’ve got to admit… this is the last of the three that I’d make. And, the one and only reason I say that is because it involves some very, very, VERY minimal carpentry skills. (And, when I say carpentry skills, I really just mean using wood glue. Ha!) I’m sure I could do it, but  it’s outside of my comfort zone or my norm when it comes to DIY projects. Plus, I’m thinking that my star would hardly be recognizable as a star because… well… I can’t even draw a star. How am I going to glue wood together to make one without it turning out lopsided?

    But, as I said last week, everyone is not me. So, maybe this is right up your DIY skills alley! You can find the instructions (with photos) HERE.

    I’d love to see someone make all three of these projects! They’re so very rustic chic! I think they’d all look AMAZING in my sister’s house. Maybe I can talk her into a DIY project night sometime this week just so I can admire their beauty in person! If we make any of them, I’ll report back. But, honestly, don’t hold your breath!

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