I Remember Crawdads In The Sipe Springs Branch

My dear friend James Wyatt wrote the following. I’m sure there are many of you who have similar childhood memories.

The Sipe Springs Branch is a stream that at one time ran through the town of Sipe Springs. The spring in the branch is where the town got its name. When I was a boy in about 1931, the branch always had water in it.

My Grandpa Milt Wyatt would take me crawfishing. He would get some cold biscuits, an onion, and some fat meat and we would tie the meat onto a string and let me hold it in the water. Pretty soon Mr. Crawdad would catch hold and I would pull him out.

We would eat the biscuits, onion, and some raw-cured salt pork, and it sure did make some fine eating. If we caught enough crawdads, we would fry the tails, not much meat but sure good eating.

The public road came through the Wyatt place and crossed the branch at a natural ford. Beside this road at the edge of the branch, was a well. It belonged to the Wyatts, but it was for public use. There was a long trough beside the well to water the livestock.

The well is still there; it has a pump on it today.

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