Reminiscence of the Majestic Theater….

Friday evening when I got off work I picked up my three year old granddaughter, Pepper, and she and I headed off on a big adventure to see Wreck It Ralph at the Majestic Theater in Eastland. What led us to that theater is not relevant, but if you are interested in that particular part of the story, check out the article in the upcoming January issue of Texas Co-op Power.

What IS relevant to this story, is the memories it brought back of the old Majestic Theater here in Comanche. Yes, I know I’m dating myself, but I already told you I “picked up my granddaughter” so that should have been the first clue that I’m old! Now here’s the nail in that coffin; the first movie show I ever went to watch at that theater was a Beach Party movie with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. I was probably still in grade school, and I probably would not have gotten to go even then but Donna wanted to go, and being the oldest she often got stuck with Sandi and I. That was the first of many beach movies I saw in that old theater, as well as Elvis movies, Gone With The Wind, and a plethora of other movies over the years.

My favorite memory of the theater (aside from my first viewing of Gone With the Wind) was when I was in High School. I drove a blue Vega with black racing stripes. Not a very big car, but not hard to get in a tight spot either. The parking lot was just a gravel lot with no markings, so parking was pretty haphazard to say the least. My friends and I came out of the theater one night and my car was blocked in. No way could I get out. Or so I thought, till a group of big burly classmates proved that they were pretty tough dudes when they literally picked my car up and moved it so we could get out.

There are many other memories as well. Such as the first time I said a really bad word when I read it on the bathroom wall, first dates and first break ups, movie nights with girlfriends, and goodness knows what all I’ve forgotten about that place.

Now here’s the kicker. I did a Google search to see what I could find on the old theater, but all I found was this: “The Majestic Theatre opened in 1930 with seating listed at 600. Could find no information on the owner/operater. The theatre operated thru the mid-1950’s before closing. The building is still standing but usage is unknown. Any further information on this theatre would be appreciated.”

Well, anyone who knows ANYTHING about the Majestic Theater that I remember knows that is not anywhere close to right! First of all it operated well past the mid ’50’s because I was not even born then and I know it was still open after I graduated High School. And it is not still standing, it was burned to the ground. Unless…… The website I went to showed a picture of the building that is still standing. Could it be that there was another Majestic Theater prior to the one I remember, and that that building is still standing? I’m sure there is someone who would remember.

So let’s get a conversation going. Comment on this post and tell us what you remember about the Majestic I remember, and any others that might have been operating prior to the Majestic of my memories. This could be fun………

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Shirley Dukes is the Communications/Public Information Specialist with Comanche Electric Cooperative, and will be writing about the cooperative in general as well as Energy Efficiency and some of the programs they offer. “I have been with the cooperative for twenty-two years, and love my job and all that goes with it. My current position is without a doubt the most fun job I’ve ever had. It gives me the opportunity to be creative, as well as spend time with our members and communities. And that just makes me –well – HAPPY!”
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  1. Lavonne Stone says:

    I graduated in 1959, and saw many movies at the Majestic Theater. I believe that it was still there well into the ’60’s. I don’t know when the building was torn down. Good memories..

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