Rodeo Club Excited About July 26 Rodeo!

Danny Armstrong

Danny Armstrong

All I’ve heard lately is how wonderful Comanche’s July 26 rodeo is going to be. In fact, every time I’ve even been within shouting distance of people like Kenneth Harvick, Harry Dudley, Terry Barnes, Neil Dudley, etc. etc. all I’ve heard is rodeo, rodeo, rodeo.

This week, I finally decided to sit down with Comanche Roping Club member and announcer extraordinaire, Danny Armstrong, to see just what all the hype is about. It took about three seconds for me to understand that he is just as excited as the rest! Of course, loving Comanche history as he does, Danny began his explanation with a flashback.

It seems that the roping club was established in 1948 and believe it or not, it was an extremely exclusive group of people…limited to only a small number of people at the time of the club’s inception.

Of course, the idea that not just anybody could be a roping club member didn’t fly for long, and for years now a one-time $25.00 membership fee is all it takes to become a lifetime member of the club. “We have members scattered all across the country today,” Armstrong explained.

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“Since 1948, the Comanche Rodeo has had countless world champion cowboys and cowgirls participate in that arena. People such as Joe Beavers, Guy Allen, Randy Majors, Terry Walls, Roy Cooper, and Jimmie Gibbs Monroe are just a very few of the champions who have competed in Comanche.”

One event that members are especially excited about is the mini bronc riding for 7-12 year old boys and girls from all over the state.

Mini Bronc Riding

Mini Bronc Riding

“They ride some rank stuff,” Armstrong said. “And they can ride ‘em! These kids will come from San Antonio, the Metroplex, the Panhandle, and all points in between. Believe me, it’s gonna be a show!

The extremely popular Chase Nolen will be back again this year as well.

“Chase is a PBR funny-barrel man, meaning he works the barrel and he will be in the arena the whole time. He definitely was a huge part of last year’s success. Chase is quickly becoming one of the top men in demand. Luckily, I booked him a year ago, or we wouldn’t have him this year!”

Chase Nolen

Chase Nolen

Another arena attraction this year will be the Concho Chicks from San Angelo who will be performing before and during the rodeo with their drill team horsemanship.

Concho Chicks

Concho Chicks

Of course, the mutton bustin’ is always a very popular event and kiddos need to be entered by 6 that evening to participate.

Mutton Bustin;

Mutton Bustin’

And our resident home town bullfighter, Ryan Fizer, is also a show stealer! Ryan has performed all over the state and is in high demand as a bullfighter. He’ll keep you entertained while he works to make sure the cowboys are taken care of during the bull riding.

Ryan Fizer

Ryan Fizer

Pre-rodeo activities include a downtown National Day of the Cowboy Rodeo Parade at 5:00 p.m. From there, we’ll travel to the arena for burgers and then on to the mutton bustin’ and a night of Texas Cowboy/Cowgirl FUN!!

“The committee has worked very hard to make this our best rodeo yet. We hope you’ll come on out and see if you don’t agree!”

Schedule of Events

Mutton Bustin
Grand Entry
Ranch Bronc Riding
Breakaway Roping, 15 and under
Concho Chicks
Ladies Breakaway Roping
Mini Bronc Riding
Tiedown Roping
Team Roping
Barrel Racing
Bull Riding

With new bucking chutes and lighting, this rodeo is going to be pretty darned uptown….well, as uptown as a rodeo can get, that is! :)

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One Response to Rodeo Club Excited About July 26 Rodeo!

  1. Missy Jones says:

    This might not have been the “Roping club”, but back when I was probably in high school (pre 1947), there were lots of ROPINGS, at the rodeo arena. These were just men and boys from the area, but they were roping goats, calves, and I remember the times that some of these local boys and men made with their ropings. I remember that the roping timing was just as good as pros today, maybe 8 plus or 9, and I remember Ollie Gandy, Challie Gray and I wish I could remember more of the names. Anyway, this was wonderful entertainment, and it probably was free, as we surely didn’t have money back then for admission prices. Great memories. And speaking of earlier day rodeos, I remember that Oree Edmondson at Edmondson’s Western Wear, on the south side of the square, would have on wonderful specials for kids, boots, jeans, cowboy hats and cowboy shirts. Missy Jones

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