• Ruff, Tuff and Darn Tootin’

    A few weeks back, I saw what honestly has to be the most adorable thing I think I have ever layed my eyes on…

    photo by Amanda Auvenshine

    His name is Spur D Ritter, and rodeo is his life!!! He was born October 11, 2006 to JD and Regena Ritter. His granddad “Poppa” owns Tommy Green Rodeo Company, and Spur D’s dream is to become a bullfighter and one day take over the family business. From talking to his mom, Tommy is rather fond of his little bull fighter also helping to show him the ropes and letting him experience the life. He even wrote a little jingle about Spur:

    “I’m Spur D Ritter,
    I’m a rodeo man
    I buck my bulls anytime I can
    Got a rodeo arena
    And bucking chutes
    Bulls that buck
    And a clown that toots.”

    photo by Amanda Auvenshine

    Spur’s mom says he eats, sleeps, and dreams bullfighting, riding, and rodeos. He knows all the bulls; if any of the riders want to know how the bull is going to react, all they have to do is ask Spur. He knows the way they turn and how they buck out of the shoot, and he even knows them all by name. He has loved everything about the bulls, bull riding, bull fighting and just about anything rodeo since he was able to walk. Watching this young man and seeing him out in the arena was very inspiring to me. To see the drive and determination he has at such a young age and the pure love of the sport was amazing. For someone to follow their dreams and love every minute of it makes my heart smile. He is a great example to so many kids and adults alike.

    Spur will be entering the 1st grade at Goldthwaite Elementary this year and has a little sister, Steeley who is two. He also has his best friends Jango, a Catahoula, and JaciBelle, a Border Collie. When Spur is not in school, he enjoys working at the sale barn in Hamilton working goats and sheep. Unlike most kids who like to play games and stay home during the summer, Spur would rather be working livestock or rodeoing. He really enjoys fighting sheep and calves with his buddies Blake “Bubba” Wright and Cole Wright, who both have been fighting bulls for the company for a few years. Blake started out riding bulls, and Cole was a roper, and then they decided to start fighting bulls. Spur’s mom Regena stated, “They say that rodeo families stay connected through years, as longtime friend Ray Talamantez fought bulls for us since he was 16, and now his son, Ryan “Scooby” Fizer*, fights bulls for us.” It is a very close community who truly love each other as family. It is a way of life; it is a passion and a love like no other. Once you have that taste of the dirt and sweat, rodeo is what you eat and breathe. And, anyone I ask that lives this life says they wouldn’t have it any other way.

    *Watch for the upcoming story on Ryan “Scooby” Fizer over the next few weeks.

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