• Scott Family Celebrates Reunion

    For over seventy years the J. Newt Scott family has been hosting an annual family reunion in Comanche County, Texas. This year is no different, and Jean LeBlanc submitted the following information about the event. (This year the Elbert Scott Reunion is July 27 & 28. J Newt Reunion is July 28 and 29th.)

    J. Newt and Ruby Woods Scott would be proud. Every fourth weekend in July since 1937 all the family has come home for a reunion. Those who started it of course won’t be there physically.

    J. Newt died in 1949 and Ruby in 1952. None of the couple’s eight children are still living, but the grandchildren, greats, great-great, great-great-great, and great, great, great, great come in the tradition and style their ancestors began so long ago.

    Our family is a very close-knit family in every regard. J. Newt and Ruby set the standard for our pride, our closeness, and how to be a family. It is wonderful that we’ve been able to hold on to that so long….75 years.

    In the early days the meal was home cooked and in the very early years, it was all homegrown or raised—from the meat to the vegetables, and to everyone’s delight, homemade ice cream. This year we look to have over 200 people there and the noon meal will be catered by Cook’s Fish Barn out of Comanche.

    When the reunion first started it would end with an ice cream supper. When the milking was done and we had fresh cream, ice cream would be made. Some of the men would go to town and get a 300-pound block of ice.

    Edna Harrison, Virginia Ward, Faye Hart, Robert, Jack, Joe, B.W. and S. M. Scott

    Marie LeBlanc Walker made a web page –www.jewtscott.com—that is regularly updated by Danielle Lewis. Long before cyberspace was an option, the Scott siblings and cousins were prolific letter writers, perfecting the “round robin” letter that would go from home to home to be updated by the latest recipient and sent to the next before the week’s end. Five years ago it was calculated the number of descendants to be 347.

    That’s eight children, 30 grandchildren, 87 great grandchildren, 146 great-great grandchildren and 76 great-great-great-grandchildren. (I do not know how much more we have grown in 5 years and I do not want to figure it.)

    Each year everyone is anxious to go to reunion. Emails starts flying back and forth reminding those that have missed in the pass that it is time for reunion and what are you bringing for the ‘auction table’. We bring stuff for the auction table and have a live auction to pay for the dinner,ComancheCommunity Center, and other expenses we have through the year.

    Each generation has its own special memories of the reunions, that they were anticipated throughout the year, and if something happened and the family couldn’t go, it was the most disappointing thing imaginable.

    Our family goes way back. We represent all walks of life. We have family members that served their country. At least one of the first generation fought in World War I and some of the younger brothers fought in World War II. The next generation fought inKorea, and since then family members have fought in Vietnam. Some have served in Iraq and Afghanistan…some are still serving.

    Now we all look forward to the 4th weekend in July from Saturday afternoon and Sunday. See you at the Comanche Community Center!

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