Second Amendment and School Violence

MIKE JONESSince this is my first post, I’d like you to know how I think. As a veterinarian, I have always tried to be an immediate problem solver. You have a sick pet, I’ll give you an answer and a treatment plan in under two hours. In my military career, my first boss taught me not to bring up a problem  unless I brought a solution to it at the same time. So this column is going to focus on various issues with solutions, and together we can make this work.

The 2nd Amendment means, to me, the right of the individual to keep and bear arms, with the only exception I can fathom is an age restriction and a criminal history – you know, violent crimes, family violence, mental illness, and the like. We’ll cover mental illness next post.

For now, I’ve got to thank Van, Texas school board for allowing CHL’s on campus, at least in “trained” school personnel. That’s a start. Texas law prohibits concealed weapons on schools, hospitals, and many places as a blanket restriction, but it allows individual entities (schools) to allow CHL’s. In light of Connecticut, I think it is absolutely imperative that your local school board consider how they are going to address security in the school.

I am willing to give up my right to self protection ONLY if absolute security is provided. A courtroom is a good example.  Everyone only comes in one entrance, through a metal detector and xray, and there is an armed officer standing watch in the courtroom. Consider that an armed resource officer costs about $40,000 a year, and that’s for EACH campus.

Texas has over 8300 campuses, and only putting one officer on each campus would cost us close to $350 million dollars. Putting two officers on each campus would cost well over half a BILLION dollars. I’d rather see that money put back into the teachers’ salaries. How to solve security? In my world, I’d permit concealed weapons for any CHL adult in the school. For school personnel, I’d pay for their CHL license (actually have the state exempt payment), pay for range time, and give additional training on disasters.

Some won’t carry, and that’s their option. They can shepherd the kids out of harm’s way. Some will carry, and they may be the shepherd that confronts the wolves. You can’t guard or secure every entrance, or cover every event outside the classroom, so let’s use the collective protective base of all the mother bears out there (and dads). A California school just made the decision to provide armed security for their schools, but they had to cut out teacher and counselor positions.


Allowing CHL’s in schools is cost effective, allows protection to our children, and frees up monies that would have been spent on largely ineffective security measures. It is an IMMEDIATE solution to today’s threat. Thanks for allowing me to post. See you next time.

About Mike Jones

Dr. Mike is a veterinarian from Glen Rose, Texas. He is a Tarleton State Alumnus, 1979 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine, and a veteran of the United States Army. He has practiced veterinary medicine in Glen Rose since 1984 on everything from small animals to exotic wildlife. His politics are distinctly conservative, and stays politically active (even in a small town). Open discussions are always welcome!
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