• She Dreams Of Improving The Comanche Animal Shelter

    And She’s On A Mission To Do Just That

    Here Jan is putting out a tie out so a dog can come outside, and the tie out works in lieu of fencing.

    Here Jan is putting out a tie out so a dog can come outside, and the tie out works in lieu of fencing.

    Jan Huett is a self-proclaimed animal lover who has lived in Comanche Texas for thirteen years, in hibernation, as she calls it…until…she received a phone call asking if she would like to attend a meeting to discuss the conditions of the local animal shelter.

    Before that meeting ended, Jan was asked to be on the shelter board, and life hasn’t been the same since!

    “I had never even been to the shelter at that time, and I had no idea what I was getting into, no idea.”

    That call was four months ago, and it has been nonstop ever since for Huett, who takes her work at the shelter very, very seriously and who tears visibly as she explains that Comanche does not have what would be called a no kill shelter.

    “We have fifteen kennels (and one quarantine kennel), most of which measure 4′ x 4′. If we get more than fifteen dogs, then some have to be euthanized to make room for the new ones. The summer months are the worst. It seems that we get more strays, county drop offs, and more owner surrenders in the summer.

    “We are beginning to keep records, but right now keeping records just means that we try to keep up with everything on an Excel spreadsheet since we are basically starting from the ground up. We are also desperate for volunteers.”

    Setting up a Tie Out

    Krissie Newton: Setting up a Tie Out

    Right now, Jan has three volunteers who also have jobs and families and who obviously cannot come to the shelter on a daily basis so making sure that the dogs have a chance to get out of their small kennels each day is often her full responsibility.

    “Most of our dogs are large, and we need people who are physically able to walk large dogs. I am there every morning and every evening right now. I’ve talked to a lot of people about helping us, but most tell me that they couldn’t bear to see an animal in a shelter.”

    And if that sounds familiar…you heard it last here on United when we spoke with Shelley and Robbie Williams about their role as foster parents.

    Paula Kunkle, volunteer: This dog was abused and abandoned by owners who moved. It has begun to gain weight and trust people!

    Paula Kunkle, volunteer: This dog was abused and abandoned by owners who moved. It has begun to gain weight and trust people!

    So what does she feel are the biggest needs of the shelter?

    1. We need to be able to connect each indoor kennel to an outdoor area so the dogs can get outside by themselves.

    2. We need fencing so we can let the puppies out so they can run and play.

    3. We also need more 8 x 10 “fenced pens” so dogs can move around.

    4. We need a change in policy that would allow stray dogs to be adopted within 5 days instead of the 2 weeks that we have now.

    5. We need a foster program so that our strays can be fostered instead of just lying in a 3 x 3 kennel.

    6. Various breeds have rescue groups who will come in and take the dogs, but we keep them for 30 days before we contact those groups. This keeps our numbers up so that there is nothing to do but euthanize. We REALLY need a foster program here that would take these dogs until a group is ready for them.

    Jan Huett went on to speak for some time about her passion…improving the conditions of the animal shelter. If you love animals and would like to help her with your time, your money, or both, give Jan a call and tell her how you can help. 817-845-2169

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    1. Jan is one of the members of the Comanche Animal Shelter Board and CAPA – Comanche All Pets Alive. We have animal adoptions with the generous help of Alco and many tireless volunteers, we accept donations to provide medical care to shelter animals and provide the shelter with necessary items, we foster animals, we walk dogs, we clean kennels, we welcome new volunteers, and we strive to improve the lives of shelter animals in every way possible. It takes a team to make a difference, and this team makes all the difference. Our goal is to improve the image of Comanche by making it known far and wide as the most animal friendly small town in Texas. TEAM CAPA!

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