Sorrells Farms Donates $600.00 In Plants For Hiking Trail

Delinda Sorrells With Crossvine Plants

Delinda Sorrells With Crossvine Plants

The unbelievable generosity continues this week with Sorrells Farms of Comanche donating $600.00 worth of native plants for the beginnings of what is going to be a Native American hiking trail that will run “through the woods” around the city park.

The trail will feature plants that the Comanche would have used for both medicinal and food purposes. Each plant will have state park quality signage, explaining what the plant is and how it was used.  Each sign will also have a QR code on it so that hikers are able to use their phones to pull up the research and video created by high school dual credit history classes.

Of course, like every other project, there is a lot of groundwork that has to be laid first. This week, members of Revitalize Comanche, Inc. as well as CYC members will be planting crossvine (Bignonia Capreolata), an evergreen climbing plant that looks like trumpet vine. As it grows, the vine will help hide (as much as possible) “civilization” from hikers view.

Crossvine was chosen for multiple reasons. First, it is a native plant and one used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes. They found that a tea made from the leaves helped ease fatigue. I had to laugh because the actual research said “fatigue in women!” Of course, the poor things were tired; they did all of the work!

The hiking trail will be an ongoing project. Revitalize Comanche, Inc. has written a hiking trail grant and should this project be chosen, obviously, it will move along fairly quickly. If not, then it will take more time to complete. The purpose of the trail is multiple. It will provide a very interesting place for people to do their walking; it is a wonderful project for high school students and an easy way to involve students in the community, and it will be one more step in the campaign to promote the name Comanche, one of the most marketable names in Texas!

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