• Sorrell’s Farms: An Exercise In Self Control

    3It’s a Tuesday morning in Comanche, TX, and, while I’m rolling through my day pretty well, nothing particularly exciting has happened until after running an errand I decide to make a “quick” stop into Sorrell’s Pecan Shop. It’s an adorable looking little shop, and what girl couldn’t use some midmorning retail therapy?

    Oh.Dear.Lord. My easy, breezy Tuesday took a serious upturn the moment I walked in this place. I was greeted by the smell of cinnamon, sugar and three super cute girls. Add to this that I’m a nut fanatic so picture entering Cabella’s for the first time  (at least for most of the guys I know, anyway) -yea, that was me. Heaven found for this girl in good ol’ Comanche!

    I became instantly hungry after about 5 seconds in the door, and the girls were more than willing to oblige me. Here’s the 4336lowdown on my mid-day smorgasbord of snacks (and why I heart small towns and the hidden little gems in them): strawberry bread, chocolate fudge (yes!), and cinnamon roasted pecans. Oh geez, huh?! That little voice of self control did manage to reign me in before I tried anymore… well, that and the lids on the samples… and the girls staring at me!

    Besides the fact that everything was over the top good, it was all made right there! Delinda, Brittany, Rhonda, and Kimberly all get in the kitchen (found inside the store) and crank out some crazy yumminess.

    If you’re in Comanche, this place deserves to capture your attention.


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