• Splenda Linked To Leukemia Warns CSPI

    Although it’s been around for many years now, Splenda (sucralose) is still considered the new kid on the block of artificial sweeteners used by thousands in this country every single day. Because it takes years for the research to catch up to the product, it has been easy to assume that finally we have found a safe alternative to sugar, and Splenda certainly tastes better than most alternatives, doesn’t it?

    That must mean it is safe for consumption, right?

    SPLENDANot so, according to consumer watchdog group Center For Science In Public Interest (CSPI) who points out that Splenda has now been known to cause leukemia in laboratory rats.

    Now, I have to admit that I have certainly used Splenda…more than once. However, my personal rule of thumb is that if something is “artificial,” for the most part I don’t consume it.  The body was created to understand how to process food; it has no idea what to do with those things we consume that simply are not food.

    Below are some links if you’d like to see what others are saying about the safety of Splenda.

    Discover Magazine

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