Sports Of All Sorts Scattered Between The Dots…………..Football Quickies From High School To The Pros………………………….By R.C.

Okay here I am just running through the channels and sports pages and realizing what an oversaturation of football there is in the media. But I “ain’t” complaining. I get a little tired of how the media overemphasizes every situation and all too often makes much ado over nothing. But it is a choice that I make to sit and watch or sit and read so who am I to criticize. But just wandering a few things and would love to hear from any reader about what your thoughts might be on the current events of the day!……………….. For instance why in the world did the New York Jets want to sign Tim Tebow if they cannot use him on every snap? They may say that Mark Sanchez is their man but I hardly believe all that; given that he hasn’t really led them to any kind of championships. Tebow needs to be the man somewhere, not only for the good of the game but for the good of mankind as well………………………..And come on Mack Brown: two quarterbacks again; seriously! When was the last time that anyone saw a national championship or even a conference championship game with the winning team using two quarterbacks? Maybe there has been but I cannot think of one offhand. It is sad when a team with the history and reputation of UT cannot find a starting quarterback to take charge, especially in a state filled with as much high school talent as Texas at that position…………………………..And a second note about the Horns’: can they really have enough carries for those three talented running backs. Malcolm Brown and Jonathan Gray were two of the best in the entire nation and Joe Bergeron has proven that he can run with either of those two backs. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself in worrying about the QB situation. I would love to see a college team that could move the chains chewing up yardage on the ground. I know that everyone is in love with the passing and wide open attacks but smash-mouth football still has an appeal to me……………………..In high school football can Stephen Bergmark and the Southlake Carroll Dragons repeat? For a few years, that seemed automatic. I was really glad to see Hal Wasson, who once was the head coach at nearby San Saba, win yet another title for that storied program. His son Chance, who became a very good wide receiver at Texas State after being player of the year in Texas at quarterback for the Dragons before transferring to Oklahoma, was a good friend of my daughter Megan in San Marcos. He is a quality young man so I’m really proud for his dad. Also Jarrett Bates and Jacob Webb, former Comanche Indians, are on the Wasson staff so that in itself is a real plus for the Green and White…………….And speaking of Southlake, many eyes will be on the Marble Falls Mustangs where former Dragon head coach and UT quarterback, Todd Dodge, takes over. On his staff is a former Comanche running back named Weston Franco. And former Comanche coach David Norwood who went to Marble Falls as the head baseball coach and assistant football coach has moved to the junior high where he will coordinate that program for Dodge. Both Norwood and Franco are proven coaches and should help Dodge get off to a great start……………………..And how good will the Baylor Bears be in the absence of Robert Griffin III. RG III’s pre-season game against the Colts was a reminder of how talented that guy really is and that he is already someone to be feared in the NFL. I think the Florence kid is going to be pretty good replacement, but RGIII he is not. But head coach Art Briles, a former Texas high school star and UH wide out as a collegian, seems to always have the answers. His recruiting is no longer kids that were two’s and three’s on everyone else’s list but are blue chippers. So it will be interesting to see how the Bears fare……………………….. What about the Dallas Cowboys? The thing about the Cowboys is that they, like it or not, really are America’s Team and have that air about them that makes all their loyal fans everywhere hope for a Super Bowl run until they find some way to self destruct or to show that they really aren’t among the NFL elite. Then the boo birds crank up and have to realize yet again that without a real general manager that they will continue to show flashes of brilliance and even more shortcomings. Does Tony Romo really have a title in him, and when will the media realize that Rob Ryan is just an ordinary defensive coordinator who does not have some unbelievable scheme that other NFL coaches with so much more talent cannot figure out? Needless to say, I am not excited about the Dallas Cowboys………………..And around our area in high school circles, one of the big questions is whether or not the Brent West-led Cisco Loboes can get his troops back to the big show and more than that can they finally win the big prize. I certainly hope so and I look for a potential blue chipper, Mason Reed, to have an all-star type year for the Big Dam Loboes…………………And locally all eyes are on the Comanche Indians to pull out of their habit of turning in losing seasons. Six of the past seven years have seen the Indians fall below the .500 mark. New head coach Stephen Hermesmeyer brings high hopes and a winning tradition with him from Winters. The Indians will be in a mighty tough district and a turnaround year will be difficult. But nothing would be sweeter than seeing the Indians pull off a surprise year and compete for a playoff spot………………..And what about those Dublin Lions? Coach Bob Cervetto was hired, after many years on the Art Briles staff at Stephenville, to reverse the fortunes of Dublin. Even though it is just his second year, I look for the Lions to improve and become competitive in the same district as the Comanche Indians……………………..Will TCU be able to compete in the Big 12 from start to finish. There is no doubt in my mind that they will be able to make some noise early on, but the Big 12 will have no breathers to let the lame get well, as they have seen in the lesser conferences in which they have played. It may take a couple of years to get indoctrinated into the second best conference in the land. But just like Baylor, in time, they will become a key player in deciding who the champion will be……………………………….And is West Virginia really as loaded as everyone seems to think? Once again the Mountaineers will be playing in a much tougher conference and their travel will be much more than any other conference member. We’ll see what kind of effect that has on the boys from the East coast. As proud as I am to have a new member with their talent and tradition, I really hope that they don’t come in and win it the first year!…………….And to the north of the Red River in Norman Oklahoma, I could hardly believe that Brent Venables would ever be allowed to leave the Sooner staff unless for a head coaching job. I know that Bob Stoopes was bringing his brother Mike back in the fold but I simply could not believe that he would part with the very successful Venables. I always believed that the Kansas State ex was never given the credit he deserved for all the great Sooner defenses that carried OU to more Big 12 titles than any other member. Good luck to him at Clemson…………………………I’m still a little ticked at the Cleveland Browns and their handling of the Colt McCoy situation. Is Colt good enough to be starter? Who knows, but I really wasn’t that impressed with Brandon Weeden at Oklahoma State and do know that when it required a clutch throw in the Big 12 that McCoy had many more of those than Weeden ever did. So we’ll see. Cleveland has to fill a lot more needs before anyone becomes real successful at quarterback. ………………………Good luck to the Houston Texans and hopefully we will see yet another playoff game from Coach Gary Kubiak, a former Texas schoolboy quarterback and Texas Aggie, and his Houston team………………..And finally, for all you Aggie fans, I look for the boys from College Station to do better than many people think. You see, it is just a matter common sense: the Ags recruit Texas where the greatest high school football in the nation is played. The fact that they will get their fair share of those talented kids insures that they will be competitive in any conference. Even though the Southeast Conference has proven to be the best, I don’t think the Aggies will go in afraid. Stand by and watch……………………….Good luck to all coaches and players who will be teeing it up in the fall for our ultimate entertainment. Especially good luck to anyone who hails from Texas….RC

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Ronnie Clifton was a Texas Football Coach for 29 years. In addition to football, Clifton also served as the head coach in basketball and both girls and boys track. “I loved being involved in and playing sports as a kid, and I soaked up every ounce of available information about any sporting event; I also love to write. What better combo for me than becoming the writer of a sports blog?”
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