• Successfully Treating Depression With TMS

    DEPRESSIONI don’t know what it costs; I can’t even tell your firsthand if it works. However, if there is even a chance that what I’m  hearing about Dr. Kira Stein, M.D. and her success in treating depression (that affects over 17 million adults each year) by using TMS is true, my thought is that it is certainly worth taking a chance, no matter what.

    According to Dr. Stein (who certainly is not the only doctor to use this treatment), Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation is a way of creating depression (without the typical medications) by using a MRI strength magnet that is applied over the portion of the brain that is underactive.

    I think most of us have at least advanced enough to understand that depression begins with a physical problem and that a depressed brain is an underactive brain, or at least a part of the depressed brain is underactive.  Brain scans can now actually show this so that the eye can tell the difference between a depressed brain and a healthy brain.

    Of course, the symptoms of depression can be all over the board…anywhere from a constant sadness to a lack of joy and anticipation of nothing…from being constantly exhausted to actually having too much energy…to anxiety to the inability to make decisions…and the list only grows worse from here…

    Today, I listened to the testimony of a woman who had lived in a very deep depression for the past twenty years, and was one of those unbelievable stories of waking from the dead except that for her it was waking from a prison within the bed she could not leave even to find the shower. Today, she is a functioning nurse and a lover of life…and her treatment was TMS.

    From what I understand, and I am still learning, TMS treatment for depression is usually five days a week for about 4-6 weeks with each treatment lasting about 37 minutes. Of course, committing to this can be very, very difficult for someone who is already severely depressed and unable to function. However, it does seem to be the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel for millions of people, and now that more insurances are beginning to recognize this treatment, it is certainly more possible for more people.

    Here’s hoping that you will at least take a little time to do some research, if not for yourself, then for someone who is unable to research for himself. Good luck!

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