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Visiting The Buck Cabin In Stephenville, Texas


Stephenville Museum 525 East Washington Street Stephenville, Texas 76401 254-965-5880 svillemuseum@embarqmail.com   Guests coming and you’re not sure how to entertain them? Why not think about showing them a bit of Texas heritage? I’ve yet to find anyone who doesn’t … Continue reading

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19th Century Living In West Texas: 1860s And 1870s

It would not have been odd for the man to have on any article of "civilized" clothing. It was simply a matter of wearing what he had.

I just love finding old letters, don’t you? They give us such personal insight into the days that came before us. The following was written in 1935 by Elina Jane Wright Wilson, daughter of the man often called Captain Jack … Continue reading

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