• Texans United Salutes CECA And Its Texas Roots

    The following information came to us from CECA’s Shirley Dukes. Here at Texans United we are very excited to welcome CECA to TU for their second year!

    Made In Texas By Texans

    Comanche Electric Cooperative (CECA) has its roots in the tough-minded, independent spirit of the men and women who made their living off the land. By the mid-1930’s, 98 percent of the farmers and ranchers of rural Texas were still pumping water by hand, lighting their houses with kerosene lamps, burning wood for warmth, and cooking and working by dint of muscle and grit, while people in the cities enjoyed the labor saving benefits of electricity.


    Although nearly 40 percent of Texans lived in rural areas, private utility companies saw no potential for profit in extending power lines across great expanses of countryside. Recognizing the far-reaching advantages of bringing electricity to ruralAmerica, Congress, in 1935, approved the Rural Electrification Administration. Government-backed loans opened the way for rural communities to form member-owned electric and telephone cooperatives.


    CECA was created in 1938 to serve the rural areas of North Central Texas in our service area. Today your cooperative serves seven counties with approximately 5,000 miles of line. The membership consists of more than 8,800 members being served at more than 16,000 meters. Electric service with CECA ranges from fence chargers to industrial sites, schools to hospitals. Our goal is to deliver “the highest quality service possible at the most practical price”.

    The Board of Directors employ a manager who is responsible to them for all operational details and functions of the cooperative. Your directors are elected at the annual meeting of the members held in August of each year.

    CECA is active in all communities including volunteer work, committees, helping secure grants, board members of various organizations, and many other activities. Our three service centers are located within our service territory for easy member access and availability.

    Home Is Where Our Heart Is

    The directors and employees at CECA want to see our community succeed. Why? The answer’s simple: Because we live here, too.

    Local people working for local good. That’s the essence of Cooperative Principle No. 7, Concern for Community. First and foremost, we can and do strengthen our community by doing what we do best: provide electricity, reliably and at a reasonable cost. We are a dynamic part of our community. As the area grows, so does our distribution system.

    CECAWe have strong roots in this community. CECA has been in business here for seventy four years. Part of the benefit of this stability is the assurance that we are not going anywhere. Our business began here, and we would not pull up stakes to pursue greener pastures elsewhere.

    By providing jobs and a steady supply of electricity, the co-op helps the local economy stay strong. We pay our employees fair wages because that in turn helps strengthen the economy when they spend that money here. And by offering good jobs, we keep our towns healthy because employees and their families don’t have to move away to make a decent living. The more people we have here paying taxes and contributing to the community, the more vibrant it will be.

    The benefits to the community aren’t only financial in nature. We open doors for our young people with scholarship programs, the annual Youth Tour trip to Washington, D.C. and the John Ben Shepperd Leadership Forum. We teach children safety through programs in schools and online. We help our members save money by performing energy audits of their homes and businesses and recommending energy-efficiency measures they can adopt.

    We also strengthen the community by supporting local charities. We help our members and neighbors in need by sponsoring such programs as Operation Round-Up, volunteer fire departments, Christmas charities, and many more.

    CECA is made up of people who care. Our employees go out of their way to better the communities in which they live. They coach youth sports teams, serve on school committees and participate in church activities. They are co-op members like you, and like you they want to make their hometowns stronger.

    Remember that when it comes to CECA, our local community comes first.


    Owned by Our Members

    Committed to Our Communities

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