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Blake Anderson’s debut single “I Wasn’t No Angel ”  has definitely put Blake in the running for Texas Artist on the Rise!! I was skimming through the twitterverse as always and I kept running across tweets pertaining to Blake Anderson.Blake Anderson 2 So you guys know I had to be nosey rosey and find out what all the hoopla was about.  Of course, the tweeters were right.  I listened to his music and was smiling like a tick on a fat dog. This guy is a true singer/songwriter, and I couldn’t wait to spread the word about Blake Anderson.

Blake started playing guitar at the age of 12 and his love of writing songs, about his life, come soon after. He grew up around music.  Blake’s father was a guitar player and his grandfather played Big Band music in the Army.  That’s quite a combination right there. Blake attended college in El Paso and on the weekends played music with several guys at the bars.   “It was just a way of getting money for extra Ramen noodles.” Blake loved performing for the crowds and decided to go out on his own and put together a band.

Blake Anderson and the Right Hand Band has played in some of the most famous honkey tonks in Texas.  Yes, the Right Hand Band has a funny story behind it.  The band members are all right handed but Blake is left Blake Anderson 3handed. Cracking jokes like this within the band makes them a family, and that makes it a whole lot easier when it comes to traveling to and from gigs and handling radio tours when promoting a new single.  Blake Anderson and the Right Hand Band has a unique sound that stems from Blake and his roots.  Hank and Willie are musical heroes in Blake’s eyes and on stage Blake and the Right Hand Band will cover some of the great party favorites that will get the crowd jumping and play their own music that keeps the crowd jumping. Whatever the venue, you are sure to see a great show!!!

TMC Fan:  How do you balance music and other obligations?
Blake:  That’s tricky, not a lot of sleep and lots of unsweet tea!

TMC Fan:  What is the first tune you leaned to play??
Blake:  The very first song I leaned to play and sing was “Last Kiss.” that song was done by Wayne Cochran and later released by J Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers and Pearl Jam.  I put my own twist on it. (as he laughed)

TMC Fan:  How do you handle mistakes while you are playing live on stage.
Blake:  Haha, you don’t see any mistakes.  Yes we make them but we cover them up well. We just keep the party going never stopping!

Check out the new single “I wasn’t no Angel” and tell Blake Anderson what you think.  You can visit the Blake Anderson on Reverbnation to hear more great tunes.  Find out where he will be on Facebook or just contact him on Twitter, I’m more than sure he will holla back!!

Love Peace and Bacon Grease ~ Sonya

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