Texas Music Chat’s Fan Of The Week – Hailey Johnson

Hailey Johnson

Hailey Johnson

College Student, part time bartender, and full time hard core Texas Music Fan.  Hailey Johnson lives in Fort Worth and on any given day you can find her in the corner rocking out to any Texas Music Band playing live in any venue.

Hailey loves Texas Music and it all started as she was getting ready to enter college.  She knew she had to work, so she got her bartenders license and began bartending. Bartending in clubs opened up a whole new world of music for Hailey.  The clubs she has bartended in all played live Texas Music.   Hailey remembers the very first show she saw, Mike Ryan. “Boy could that boy sing! I remember his voice drawing me in with his words.”  Hailey is a crazed out fan, but you would never know it.  She is normally bartending during a show and if she’s not working she’s there in the corner singing every word.  That’s right!! Every Word!! When I was introduced to Hailey, I was told I could name any Texas Music song and she would know the words to it.  So yep, I was up for the challenge.  I started belting out names of songs and she would sing everyone of them.  I was amazed!! Most people know the words to their favorite artist songs, but not every song!!!!

Working on the sideline during a show makes it hard for her to get up close and personal with her favorite artist like William Clark Green, Mike Ryan, Callahan Divide,

Hailey and friend Kimberly at the 2015 LJT Festival and of course she has a glitzed out fanny pack especially made just for LJT

Hailey and friend Kimberly at the 2015 LJT Festival and of course she has a glitzed out fanny pack especially made just for LJT

and Sam Riggs, just to name a few; but that don’t stop her from getting merchandise from her favorite groups.  Hailey uses band photos for her college book covers. Hailey has so many band t-shirst, she hasn’t worn the same one twice.   She collected so many band koozies she started putting them on customer beers and asking them, “Have you heard of this group? If you haven’t go look them up! I promise you won’t be sorry!” Hailey has over 2000 Texas Music songs in her iTunes library and she even creates glitzy fanny packs with band names on them.  TRUE FAN??? I THINK SO!!!!

Hailey, thank you for being such a huge fan.  To all of you Texas Music Artist out there….if you see Hailey behind the bar, take a selfie with her!!!!

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