• Texting & Driving & Going To Prison As A Teen?


    You might remember that a few weeks ago I put up the AT&T pledge that the company is asking us all to take. Obviously, now that accidents from texting and driving have surpassed those of drinking and driving, the phone giant realizes that (if for nothing other than good PR) it needs to go on the record by taking this stand.

    Today, I have information on what I believe could be a landmark case on the subject, according to how the court rules on a nineteen year old’s alleged admission to texting, driving, and causing injury to a pedestrian.

    Emma Vieira’s trial opens today in Vermont, and attorneys expect that it will run for about four days. Obviously, Emma’s attorney has entered a not guilty plea on her behalf, and should she lose, the teen is looking at up to fifteen years in prison for the offense.

    In his opening statement, the prosecutor told jurors that the young lady sent a text message twenty-nine seconds before calling 911. The prosecution went on to claim that Ms. Vieira then deleted text messages from her phone before surrendering it to police.

    Obviously, this case is receiving national attention because the outcome could affect all of us. I don’t have the answer for how we get people to stop the habit, but I’m hoping that you share this article with your teens.

    There is just no text worth harming someone, and there is certainly no text worth spending years in prison!

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