Thanks To A Dance Hall We Have Parris Pittman

Just about right now Parris Pittman ought to be happier than a pig inParris Pittman cool mud!!! After a decade of live performances, acoustic shows and recording in studios this Texas Music Artist is growing in popularity across the radio waves.

Parris, a wife and mother of two little girls, who think mommy is a super star, has just released her first album “All In”.  The album was recorded at Boohatch Studio and produced by the one and only Mike McClure.

It all started when Parris was a little girl.  In Old Glory, TX on the weekends, the family would load up the car and head on down to the local dance hall. There Parris would watch local bands perform and she just knew it was what she wanted to do with her life.  Now, most artist have parent musical influences but not Parris.  Parris has a brother that can pretty much pick up any instrument and teach himself to play, so Parris got him to teach her how to play the guitar.  Her brother ended up joining a band and she was jealous. Parris thought to herself, if he can do it I can do it so Parris struck out playing churches,
Parris Pittman 5
schools, festivals and oprys. If there was anyone that would listen, best believe Parris was playing. Finally Parris entered the Outlaws and Legends singer songwriter competition in Abileen, Tx and made it to the final round. She didn’t win, but it was enough to convince Parris she was doing the right thng with her life and now she was a singer songwriter.

Remember that dance hall?? There were so many memories of that place Parris just had to write a song about it and the Hermanson & Sons Lodge invited her to play live.  Each show, Parris makes sure to play to and for the fans playing a mix of music.  She includes a few cover songs as well as her own music. Parris’ number one goal is to make sure the fans leave with a huge smile on their face.Parris Pittman 3

Parris Pittman has a unique voice that many have compared to Lucinda Williams. That’s not bad at all, people compare me to a smoke alarm because they say I’m loud and annoying but that’s another story.  It would only seem fit since Lucinda Williams is one of many that inspired Parris throughout the years. I asked Parris what makes her different than other Texas Artist.  She replied, ” I’m thankful for all the good and bad experiences I have gone through. Life is not always unicorns and ponys. Without those experiences, I wouldn’t be where I am.  Every song I write I have lived or someone close to me has lived it.  I’m not a story teller. I am a truth teller.”

Want to hear more?? Check out this lyric video and tell us what you think.

The new album “All In” is a must have for your music library.  Every single person can relate to one or more songs.  Make sure to visit for more information. You can also find out about upcoming shows and events by following her on Twitter or becoming a fan on her FaceBook page.

TMC Fan:  What is your biggest pet peeve?
Parris:  People that bite their nails. Ugh!!! Grosses me out every time.

TMC Fan:  When you are on the road, what is your “go to” food.
Parris:  That’s easy, my guilty pleasure is an Allsup’s Buttito. Yummy!!

TMC Fan:  Do you like to fold socks??
Parris:  NO!!! I have a huge rubber maid container and every morning go digging through it until I find a pair.

Love Peace and Bacon Grease Ya’ll ~ Sonya

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