The Hidden Gem Jill Brooks

Texas Music has a gem hidden in Nashville and her name is Jill Brooks. Jill Brooks 1 Don’t let the Nashville address fool you.  Jill was raised on Nashville country but fell in love with Texas Red Dirt Country and is constantly wrapping up frequent flyer miles traveling back and forth just to reach out to her Texas Music Fans.

Since the age of 2, Jill has been belting out tunes with heart felt conviction.  She traveled across the southeast to festivals and fairs grabbing the attention of people everywhere she traveled.  When Jill turned 16 she got to sing with her very first band.

Jill, in 2011, was named Miss Shelby County Miss America in Memphis, TN.  That’s right, Jill was a beauty queen!! She went on that year to compete in the Miss Tennessee Miss America pageant and that’s when I first met Jill.  She caught my eye as she sang
I Surrender.  I sat back in my chair, closed my eyes, and soaked it all in.  That night she won the talent preliminary and I said, “That girl right there is going to be somebody one day.”  I didn’t know her back story, but I just had this feeling I would be hearing her on the radio.  In 2013, Jill went on to be Miss Nashville Miss America and outdid herself again when competing for Miss Tennessee.  After she passed down her crown she hung up her rhinestones and ventured out to become the singer songwriter she wanted to be.

Jill credits pageants for helping her along the way.  Pageants were a hobby that aloud Jill to be on stage in front of crowds of people doing what she loved the most but also, at the same time, was preparing her for a music career.  Pageants also taught her poise and how to interview which has helped her along the way when promoting her music.

Just to name a few, Reba McEntire, Kacey Musgraves, Randy Rogers Band and many more talented musicians has influenced Jill’s music career.  She has performed with many Texas greats such as Randy Rogers Band, Rich O’Toole, and Curtis Grimes.  Right now on Texas airwaves you can hear her single Playboy, which was released in November 2014.   This month Jill will be releasing her new single, Dance Floor Lies that she co-wrote with the amazing Jacob Powell.

Texas music is all about being able to express yourself.  It’s about writing stories and getting those stories across to the fans.  Jill believes in working hard and working for her fans and in Jill’s own words, ” I couldn’t and wouldn’t do this without my fans that have supported me for so many years.”

This Honey Bunches of Oats is talented, has an incredible voice, a great personality and a desire to sing for Texas Music lovers.  The Mouth From the South gives her 10 slices of bacon crispy style and will be a fan for life!!

Check out her music video with Cutis Grimes and then check out her single Playboy.  For more information on Jill visit or you can purchase her music on iTunes.

The Crash – Jill Brooks featuring Curtis Grimes

Playboy – Jill Brooks

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