The Journey Begins

Our first introduction to the community of Comanche came in the form of a meet and greet ice cream social the first week of school. It was one of those things where we didn’t think anyone would come, and half of the town showed up.

We met a ton of people that night and, of course, we didn’t know any of them. Just trying to keep up with names and trying to figure out who does what in the community was a big challenge. They seemed to be ready to embrace some of our ideas, and we were thrown to the wolves…being first year teachers and all.

We were young enough and dumb enough to take it and run with it!  BUT…we were so excited that everyone was so welcoming and helpful, offering any help we might need. They just kept asking what we needed and telling us that they were glad to have us here.

What was really cool was that the younger kids who were here that night, like elementary and junior high age, had never been in an Ag shop, and they just kept saying how they wanted to be in Ag when they were old enough. That was great!

Of course, everyone kept asking us what was the top of our list on our Ag program in general, and the only problem we had in answering that question is that we like it all, and like to do it all too much!

With this kind of support we couldn’t wait to get things rolling!


About Special Series

Blake O’Quinn and Vinnie Heller are both first year teachers at Comanche ISD. Blake is a 2010 Aggie, and Vinnie graduated from Tarleton in 2010, both with Agriculture degrees. “We never know what’s going to happen next here in the Ag shop. One minute we are welding chairs, and the next the phone is ringing with someone needing a pig doctored. We’ve even been asked to build a CHS for the bonfire. We’re the catch all for the community, and we love it!”
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One Response to The Journey Begins

  1. Sheila Stephens says:

    I, as well as many other community members, am so excited to have these two men here leading our children. They have done an outstanding job so far. Both of their enthusiasm is infectious, which is exactly what the students in our school thrive upon. I am looking forward to all the exciting things they have planned for next year.

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