The Potts & Vick Families Of Pottsville, Texas 1872-

Zadie Inez  Vick was born September 21, 1872 or 1873, in Sweet Home, Texas in Lavaca County. She and her twin brother, Jim, were the second and third children born to William and Mary Potts Vick. The twins’ brother, John, was born about 1869, and I would doubt that he even knew a new baby was on the way. Of course, I would also doubt that anyone knew that the “new baby” would actually be “new babies,” and that was not the case for long. Baby Jim did not survive his infancy.

Zadie is pictured here with husband, Charles, and children and grandchildren.

Zadie is pictured here with husband, Charles, and children and grandchildren.*

The family did not actually live in Sweet Home but was making its way to Hamilton County when Mary Vick went into labor there in Sweet Home. When Mrs. Vick and the babies were able to travel again, the family made its way to Hamilton County, where at least some of Mary’s Potts family lived in the community they called Pottsville, Texas, founded by her father, John S. Potts (according to the TSHC).

If my limited research is correct, Mary was William Vick’s second wife. Two years after the birth of his twins, Mr. Vick was once again a widower, and little John and Zadie were motherless.

It is believed that (at least for some period of time) the two-year-old Zadie went to live with her Potts grandparents and maybe even her mom’s sister, Mattie. Whether she returned home full time after her father’s marriage to third wife, Nancy Ophelia Rhodes, is unclear, but she is shown in that house on the 1880 census.

Sadie was about 17 when she married Charles McPherson on August 4, 1889, in Hamilton County, Texas. Charles worked for the railroad that would eventually…FINALLY…come through the little town of Comanche. Two years later, on the same date as the couple’s wedding anniversary, Minnie Mae McPherson was born.

Minnie Mae

Minnie Mae

Lee Basil McPherson and wife Lillie. Basil was born to Zadie and Charles on June 26, 1894.

Lee Basil McPherson and wife, Lillie. Basil was born to Zadie and Charles on June 26, 1894.

Minnie Mae MacPherson Goosby, Martha Barbra  Allen Goosby, Annabel (Anna Bell) McPherson Lee, Lillie Belle Goosby Annabel was born in May of 1897 and according to family legend, in a covered wagon in Comanche County.

Minnie Mae MacPherson Goosby, Martha Barbara Allen Goosby, Anna Bell* McPherson Lee, Lillie Belle Goosby
Anna Bell was born in May of 1897 and according to family legend, in a covered wagon in Comanche County.

The next child, Roy Livingston, was born on February 17, 1900, in Hamilton County at a place called Hoover Knob or Knobs. I believe this to be the place where the Hoover family was attacked by Indians years before.

In 1903, the family moved to Comanche County, settling north of town and then on a farm on Rush Creek. The McPherson family finally moved into the town of Comanche, where they first rented what was called the McKenzie house, a stone structure that sat one block due east of the southeast corner of the Comanche square.

Charles bought a drilling rig and began hiring out to drill water wells, and Zadie took in boarders. As her business continued to grow, the family moved to larger houses in the town of Comanche. Then, on August 18, 1908, the couple’s last child, J.C., was born, last because Charles and Zadie would separate and ultimately divorce.

When J.C. was nine, Zadie married Robert Lee Campbell, known as Lee, on November 28, 1917, in Comanche. This union interests me for several reasons. Lee Campbell gained notoriety in Comanche for the hunting he die with Buffalo Bill Cody. According to my good friend Gerry Boykin, Lee lived in the house across the street from her and just up the street to the north from me. Gerry said it was nothing to see buffalo hides nailed to the outside of the house where, I suppose, they were left to cure! (These were from Lee’s own hunts, not the one season he spent with the famous Buffalo Bill.)

Lee Campbell

Lee Campbell

Zadie Inez Vick McPherson Campbell died on September 11, 1943, in Comanche, Texas.

*All photos were taken from, and I assume are labeled correctly. However, I do find my top photo just a little troubling. I’ve checked and rechecked my dates, and it does seem to me that the  photo would have had to have been taken some years after Zadie and Charles divorced. Please let me know if I am incorrect on any of this info! Also, I am told by Butch and Ginger Ferguson that Anna Bell was actually Annie Bell, who hated that name and changed it to Anna when she was older.

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