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THIRD Round of the Republican Presidential Sweet 16:

Round One got rid of Huntsman, Christie, Santorum, Ryan. Looks like I have to throw Rubio back into Round Three gratuitously because he’s initimated he wants to make a go of it. Late starter for my early poll but here are the ROUND TWO Results. (Recap MY rules, over 40%, you still get to play)

Allen West 77%
Donald Trump 23%
Pretty darn obvious, we just don’t like Trump. Good business guy but something’s not Kosher in New York.

Perry 59.5%
Walker 40.5%
Gee, Walker gets a pass. Saw this week he’s talking more on TV, and that will help. Perry has nothing but great Texas employment and prosperity to boost him along.

Huckabee 77%
Bush 23%
Would somebody PLEASE tell Bush and Christie to PLEASE save us some grief. They may be able to gather some funds and supporters but we’re not buying it.

Romney 52%
Jindal 48%
Wow. Romney is still a force. I think it does show a little weakness though. Both Governors advance.

Cruz 71%
Carson 29%
Dr. Ben Carson is a very intelligent individual, and well liked in so many areas. Some of the proposals would have him be the Secretary of Health. Not a bad start on the political trail. Not yet ready for prime time and he’s not advancing.

Cruz 64%
Paul 36%
Paul is out. I think Paul is a great speaker, gets great responses from his Texas roots, but Cruz edges him out of the running. We still need Paul for his ideas.

So the second round eliminated four more. Goodbye to Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, and Ben Carson. Who’s left in the head to head matchups?
Perry, Walker, Cruz, Jindal, Romney, West, Huckabee, and the late entry Rubio. Okay here’s the matchups. Sorry I have to be the one sometimes but here we go:

Cruz versus Rubio. Both Cuban backgrounds, both senators. Both can garner Hispanic votes. Both passionate.

Walker versus West. Experienced Governor versus retired war veteran Lieutenant Colonel.

Perry versus Jindal. Texas versus Louisiana governors. Pretty darn good friends, in a friendly neighborhood joust here.

Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. Both governors. Both former candidates for the president. I’m excited here for these results.

Take the test at

Old News Below
Well the first round is OVER and now onto Round Two of the Republican Presidential Sweet 16. Who were the castoffs? The ones that we shouldn’t give a second chance to? Just an example, if you’re a Lindsey Graham fan, please, stop embarrassing yourself and get behind someone else. Some of the non-winners are still great folks, just that they got beat out.
The rules: I paired two individuals in head to head matchups. If the loser was less than 40%, he or she gets completely eliminated from the brackets. If the two were in that 40-60 range, they come back into the brackets with a different pairing.
The Results from Round One:
Rick Perry 60.5%
Sarah Palin 39.5%
Sarah is obviously still appreciated, but not as president over Perry.

Mitt Romney 41.5%
Scott Walker 58.5%
By my rules, they are mine, sigh. Romney got more than 40% so he sticks around in a different bracket. Not a good omen for his campaign thoughts.

Bobby Jindal 70%
John Kasick 30%
Good clear cut choice here. Kasick’s a good guy, but voters would rather see Jindal.

Mike Huckabee 91%
John Huntsman 9%
Huckabee is strongly preferred over Huntsman.

Jeb Bush 74%
Chris Christie 26%
Christie needs to go home. These two are about as moderate as they get but the folks would rather see Bush any day over Christie. Just a note, more people on this one question just “didn’t answer” or sent me a nasty note pleading so they didn’t have to choose between brussel sprouts or cabbage.

Rand Paul 69%
Rick Santorum 31%
Let’s tell Santorum to stay home too and save his money and speeches to support someone else.

Ted Cruz 94%
Lindsey Graham 6%
Obviously Cruz sails past Graham. Easy first round elimination.

Ben Carson 63%
Paul Ryan 37%
Interesting win here. Ryan may just be too young? There’s many more years left in him though.

Added into the brackets are two individuals I greatly apologize for overlooking – LTC Allen West and Donald Trump. Both great men, so head to head, they are in the next round.

Off to Round Two. These are your choices in HEAD TO HEAD only. It doesn’t mean they are the BCS champions, it’s just they qualified today for the POTUS nomination. Go to the Survey Monkey link HERE and take the next poll. Bookmark the Mike Jones for Texas link and come back in two weeks for Round Three. Spread this poll around and we’ll get more accurate results. Remember, eliminations of really good guys may take place, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be part of a team as a vice president. Note that Ted Cruz gets two slots this week. I didn’t want to give someone a by this week so he plays twice.

Round Two Pairings
Donald Trump
Allen West

Rick Perry
Scott Walker

Mike Huckabee
Jeb Bush

Bobby Jindal
Mitt Romney

Ted Cruz
Ben Carson

Ted Cruz
Rand Paul

Vote HERE and share! Good luck and again, pass this around.

Second Round: pending, you’ve got to come back January 1, 2015.
Update.12/19 10:30. Responses are great. Let me tell you a few early trends. Seems like a lot still like Sarah, and since she and Rick are still neck and neck, you’ll see them stay in the race next time. Christie is behind 3:1. Kasick and Graham aren’t even close. This will be fun.

I don’t like the current polls that are out there trying to tell “US” who the front running republican candidates are or who WE should have as our republican candidate. That’s how we settled on McCain and Romney and it didn’t work out well for the country now did it?
Okay here’s the rules. There will be a link to the Surveymonkey page that has the head to head competitions for the first round. Mano y mano. For example, in the first week, one match up has New Jersey Governor Chris Christie heads up against Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Now I know the harder republicans out there would just as soon have these two swim to China but you HAVE to pick one. It’s a playoff. My favorite is somewhere else in the brackets so while I don’t really care for either of these two that doesn’t matter, they need their fair chance in the bracketing system. The first bracket has already been published but I’m leaving it open through January 1st. I SERIOUSLY apologize for leaving a few names off, and they will be brought back in the second round in more brackets. If you’ve got your guy or girl and they aren’t in here, comment and I’ll see what I can do. I left off LTC West by mistake, so he’s going to need a few more opponents. Another rule, IF the voting for candidates that are paired doesn’t show a decisive winner, and my rules say MORE THAN 60%, then I’ll pair them differently in the second round. Oddly enough, Perry and Palin are close in a head to head this week, and they’ll both return. Notably in this first pairing, Mike Huckabee is up against John Huntsman. John’s a nice guy but the Huck is creaming him early. John won’t be coming back, where Mike is on to the next round.

Got it? Short survey, one page, and it doesn’t ask for emails and it doesn’t have ads. Surveys are only worthwhile if lots of people participate.
How to help out. Link THIS PAGE to your page, your friend’s pages, your groups, and come January 1st, come back to this same page and I’ll have updated the link to the second round. One vote per computer, and it only takes 30 seconds.
Thanks again,
Dr. Mike


About Mike Jones

Dr. Mike is a veterinarian from Glen Rose, Texas. He is a Tarleton State Alumnus, 1979 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine, and a veteran of the United States Army. He has practiced veterinary medicine in Glen Rose since 1984 on everything from small animals to exotic wildlife. His politics are distinctly conservative, and stays politically active (even in a small town). Open discussions are always welcome!
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  1. Dorothy Grayson says:

    Interesting. Glad to see you doing this survey.

  2. David W. Catter, Sr. says:

    Is it the current “poles” you don’t like, or the current “polls”? There’s a difference.

  3. virginia abel says:

    Glad to see this survey. Thankyou for sharing!

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