• Thoughts From Ruby Bausch, A Rhinestone Renegade

    By now you have heard me talk about the phenomenal organization, the Rhinestone Renegades, in a couple of past posts.  I could go on and on about all that this fabulous group of women has to offer, but I thought perhaps you would like to hear it from one of the Renegades, herself.

    Enter: Rhinestone Renegade Ruby Bausch.

    ruby“Hey all, I’m Ruby and I’ve been a member of the Rhinestone Renegades since they began in 2012.  I’m a little different than some of the other ladies that participate in that I had some bucking stock cattle experience before I joined the Renegades.  I actually got involved in the bull business in 2008 and work for one of my family-owned companies, Garrison Contractors, and haul livestock for multiple individuals.

    In my travels hauling bucking stock all over the country, I really never got the “hands-on” experience.  When I met Joy Hawks, she told me about this new program she was putting together trying to get women behind the chutes to learn all they could about the stock contracting business.  For a split second, I was hesitant because I thought, “what if I totally make a fool of myself?” But, Joy quickly dispelled any fears I had when she told me how everyone would be worked with individually and at their own pace they until they were comfortable.  I thought it was a great opportunity for women of all experience levels to be able to learn and have fun.  So, I took the leap – and I couldn’t be any happier to have done so!

    Ruby4I could tell you stories for HOURS about all fun I’ve had and all the friends I’ve made since joining the Rhinestone Renegades.  I got to travel to a ton of places with the Renegades, like to the PBR Finals in Las Vegas and the Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming.  We also attended our Rhinestone Socials, picked out our very own heifers, and spent time chute-breaking them, flanking them, and competing for money at our Rhinestone Renegade Heifer Challenge Finals!  We even have a chance to enter the Women’s Only Open Bull Futurities where we flank and buck 2 year old bulls.  There are always tons of laughs and good times.  That’s probably my favorite part of the whole program-the camaraderie we build and the support we get from experiencing so many new things together.

    I was a lot more timid when I joined the Renegades, and I really didn’t have a ton of female friends.  Truthfully, that’s been the biggest change I have seen in myself since joining.  The friends I’ve made have brought me through a lot, and to have them cheer me on and support me when I venture out to flank bulls during competitions is the greatest feeling in the world!


    It’s incredibly exciting learning to work with bucking stock.  My first year heifer was so feisty she lived up to her red-headed temper and decided she had other plans when we were at one of the Rhinestone Training Sessions.  While in the back pens, she decided she wanted to put my hiney over the fence!  No harm done, but it was definitely a thrill!  We got to select which Walker Bucking Stock bull we wanted to breed our heifers to and I found out last week she is officially bred! I can’t wait to see her calf this year; I bet she’s going be a champion!


    I love getting asked about my Rhinestone Renegade buckle, or my awesome bull necklace pendant.  But the best is when someone reads my Renegade T-shirt that says, “My Bull Bucked Off Your Boyfriend,” and then the conversation ends up with me telling them of all the great times we’ve had in an organization they never knew existed!  Honestly, the Rhinestone Renegades is one of the best gifts I’ve given myself and I couldn’t picture my life without them now. I am proud to be a Rhinestone Renegade.”

    About Stacy Dudley

    With a BBA with an emphasis in Marketing, Stacy is the owner of The Moxie Room, a marketing firm located in Comanche, Texas. She is the master of strategy and the executor of said strategies. From conception to completion, she oversees each and every project acting as a liaison between creative and client. Before founding The Moxie Room, Stacy bulked up her portfolio all over the continent. From strategic planning, media relations, special events, internal communications, cause branding, ideation and new product launch management, her work has taken her from living in Texas to Tennessee to Toronto to Edmonton Alberta Canada.
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