• Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier On Veterans Day

    All across the country, people are gearing up to honor American veterans on Veterans Day, originally known as Armistice Day, the day established to honor the signing of the Armistice Treaty in 1918. Then in 1921, Congress decided to build a tomb in honor of all men who had died overseas.

    It was decided that one of the UNKNOWN American soldiers buried overseas would be brought home for burial in the memorial tomb. This man arrived on the Navy ship Olympia on November 9, 1921, where a band was waiting. It struck up Onward Christian Soldiers as the man was brought ashore, home at last.

    The UNKNOWN soldier was carried to the capitol building, where he was laid in State for the thousands who came to pay their respects.

    Then on November 11, the fallen soldier was carried by military procession to Arlington National Cemetery and buried in what we today call the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. Since 1948, the tomb has been guarded around the clock by members of the military, and I must admit that it takes my breath away when I visit.

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