Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Using Frontier Tire

Call me David Letterman!! I’m here to give you the top 10 reasons why you should be using Frontier Tire & Service in Comanche.

1.  I just can’t say it enough! The Customer Service is Outstanding!! I have never encountered such dedication to customers.  I promise you will drive away with a huge cheesy grin on your face.

2.  Frontier Tire & Service is the only Certified Tire Dealer in the area.  Others may sell tires, but they are not certified dealers.

3.  Frontier Tire & Service has the largest inventory for a 100 mile radius.  If your can’t find those tires you desire here (which I highly doubt) then you probably won’t find them.  I’m not just talking vehicle tires they also have lawn mower tires, stop leak, boat tires, atv tires, pickup tires, truck tires and tractor tires.

4.  No one else in Comanche offers a free rotate and balance for the life of the tire.  When you purchase 4 new tires Frontier Tire & Service gives you this FREE!!

5.  When you purchase 4 new tires you get a free diagnostic on the Alignment machine.  Yes, I said this $39.95 alignment testing is FREE!!

6.  Certified Technicians!! I shouldn’t have to say anything else.  Why would you want someone working on your vehicle that isn’t certified???

7.  Frontier Tire & Service offers competitive prices on name brand tires.

8.  90 days same as cash!

9.  All major credit cards are excepted

10.  Business hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 am  to 5 pm and on Saturdays 7:30 am to 12 pm.  So that just makes it easy when trying to get your vehicle serviced.

Largest inventory within a 100 mile radius.

Largest inventory within a 100 mile radius.


Does your vehicle need to be aligned? Find out in less than a minute with the Hunter Force Elite Alignment.

The only one in Comanche.  The Hunter Road Force Balance Machine makes balancing precise.

The only one in Comanche. The Hunter Road Force Balance Machine makes balancing precise.


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