• Unions Want US To Pay Members Healthcare?



    Those of you who know me personally or follow Texansunited.com know that I have been suffering with labyrinthitis. This has sapped my energy, and I know less about what is going on in the world than has ever before been the case because keeping up with American politics and the happenings around the world takes enormous energy, at least it does for me!

    So, I had to rewind just now when I heard Megyn Kelly of FNC make the following remark:

    “There is a new battle emerging over the President’s healthcare law as we get new reports that the same labor unions who were originally very loud in supporting the overhaul, are now worried about the cost of that law to their members.

    “What’s more we are told that they are suggesting that the American taxpayers should help pay the premium bills for some of the union workers, something that was rejected before the law became a law, but now that it is a law, they want a second crack at that arguement.”

    According to Kelly, the same voices that were “going to fight like hell” to get the healthcare laws put in place are now have now decided that the cost to them is going to make them less competitive in the world and that they need a “sharing system” whereby you and I subsidize their workers’ healthcare.

    Did anybody REALLY not understand that costs were going to RISE?  I did because I actually read hundreds of pages of the darned bill. And you know what the kicker is? The President did not laugh in the faces that give untold millions in campaign dollars. No, the President said that he would take it into consideration….

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